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    Seems like we have quite a few members who play or have played Minecraft at one point. I've seen the suggestion multiple times that we should have a WG server. I personally haven't played the game in years, but would be willing to open up a Realm just for the lols. Minecraft now has servers for sale called 'Realms' that allow 10 people to play at once. The cost is a $10 per month subscription. I would only be interested in a vanilla survival server. So my question is, who would be interested in playing and who would be willing to chip a few bucks in? This obviously wouldn't have to be a monthly thing, we could do it til we got bored. And we always have the option of bringing it back for a month.
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    Will probably just be through my Venmo, just send me whatever you can afford. And as for end goal, no idea. Like I said, haven't played in years.
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    So as long as you don't have Java edition, it sounds like you can play.
  4. IRL Goals Nail these interviews so I can be a veterinarian OSRS Goals Don't get bored of OSRS
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    Buying gf
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    @Butcher baby
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    Fantastic mustache @Vio please tell me its real
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    Me and Wife
  9. Since sending out my DVM applications in September I've been patiently awaiting a response from several universities. Found this in my email when I got back from work this morning. Hopefully many more offers to come
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    Welcome back Little Husky
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    Just spray him in the face with water
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    So this is what you've been doing instead of PKing? I'm disappointed.
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    Well war wagon pierce armor is insanely high, those cav archers aren’t doing shit. Mass heavy camels and support with BBT and he would mow them down
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    Bad unit choice Suffud. Turks are a real mismatch vs Korean, but camels would've been 100x better than cav archer
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    Crab legs. $30 all you can eat buffet and I'll go through 10-15 clusters (5-6 pounds)
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    SKOL Vikings
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    Mine is garbage compared to yall
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    Thanks, this is a cool idea Farg. We need more North Americans
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    Build one. Rosewill ATX midtower $30 MSI LGA1150 B85M-G43 motherboard $50 i7-4770 CPU $250 EVGA 600w power supply $50 16GB ddr3 ram (its all the same no matter the brand) $80-150 EVGA GTX 1050 Ti GPU $200 Samsung Evo 500GB SSD $150 1TB HDD $50 That's a near top of the line rig for less than $1000, it's very similar to what I'm running right now