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  1. WG EXOW

    added you
  2. WG EXOW

    Anyone playin cs go? I used to be a heavy acc Seller in cs go like boosting to global etc, just started yesterday to play again. If someone plays too leave me ur Steam name and il add you
  3. WG EXOW

    Welcome back Brother
  4. WG EXOW

    Did i miss something? @WG Ross lmfao
  5. WG EXOW

    Oh Shit you alive dude
  6. WG EXOW

    Daaaaaaaaaayum Gurl its gettin hot in here marry me i leave my wife promise
  7. Pm me for f Cape first brotha then do hunter Aids skills
  8. WG EXOW

    Scottish? Damn Mist be i0wns alt acc Anyways welcome
  9. WG EXOW

  10. WG EXOW

    Hoşgeldin arkadaşım
  11. WG EXOW

    Ffdp is dope totally forgot about their existance lol
  12. WG EXOW

    I need some music, listening Alot to Nightwish and Beartooth atm but i need some Inspiration
  13. WG EXOW

    And where is my gp?!?!?! Jobaneeeee
  14. WG EXOW

    Pm leader advisor or App Manager after 48h
  15. WG EXOW

    Lol they asked if my recruit is a 5 year old lmfao glad to see you apply again