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  1. WG EXOW

    [Accepted] Lohow

    Oh shit welcome back brother give this dude his rank back
  2. And that out of your mouth witz 99 rc and over 2k total psshhhttttt
  3. Ai ai ai i can i lose my ags to you?!
  4. God damn what a beautiful and handsome guy
  5. WG EXOW

    [Accepted] B B Q Sabre

    @Ghost Sabre told me to welcome you. Welcome klootzak
  6. I brid you anytime bro
  7. @Vio still nr 1 Recruiter Welcome bud
  8. WG EXOW

    Cs go

    Anyone playin cs go? I used to be a heavy acc Seller in cs go like boosting to global etc, just started yesterday to play again. If someone plays too leave me ur Steam name and il add you
  9. WG EXOW

    [Accepted] Xavier95X

    Welcome back Brother
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