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    spam ~~WG I0wn
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    Welcome ~~WG I0wn
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    Grats man, probs gonna make @Donktastic cry a little lol ~~WG I0wn
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    Who me ?? @WG Mask ~~WG I0wn
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    Welcome ~~WG I0wn
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    Happy Birthday Mr Boots! ~~WG I0wn
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    grats man ~~WG I0wn
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    1500 ~~WG I0wn
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    Nice man Gj!! I will say that if you are looking for quick total levels then cooking is a good skill to look at. If you do a little checking on the GE it is sometimes possible to buy raw food cook it and sell it back for a small profit, i did this a lot on my account before i got members. Best of luck in the coming month man, cant wait to see what you manage to achieve! ~~WG I0wn
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    lol this is quite funny Don't know about an event but its a good troll ~~WG I0wn
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    Welcome ~~WG I0wn
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    Welcome ~~WG I0wn
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    Welcome ~~WG I0wn
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    Welcome ~~WG I0wn
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    Welcome ~~WG I0wn