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  1. i0wn0nu

    Welcome, you might want to add a little more information to your app but otherwise good luck ~~WG I0wn
  2. i0wn0nu

    Welcome and good luck ~~WG I0wn
  3. i0wn0nu

    I have deeply mixed feelings about this topic... On one hand good job producing that fucking monster from your face, im sooo proud of you!!! On the other you fucking disgust me and i think we should see other people... ~~WG I0wn
  4. i0wn0nu

    l0l the panic lol ~~WG I0wn
  5. i0wn0nu

    Welcome ~~WG I0wn
  6. i0wn0nu

    Welcome ~~WG I0wn
  7. i0wn0nu

    Welcome ~~WG I0wn
  8. i0wn0nu

    Welcome man ~~WG I0wn
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    Welcome ~~WG I0wn
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    Welcome to the forums man ~~WG I0wn
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    ~~WG I0wn
  12. i0wn0nu

    Welcome Back ~~WG I0wn
  13. i0wn0nu

    Crimea... ~~WG I0wn
  14. i0wn0nu

    We only let @Razzle in because we feel bad discriminating against the terminally stupid ~~WG I0wn
  15. i0wn0nu

    Welcome and don't worry, most of these guys aint that good anyways... ~~WG I0wn