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Found 2 results

  1. Alright so time to time, I get asked on how I trained all my accounts up, and I've been making this guide to explain it easy to people. There are other methods out there mentioned, but let me just say, the true beauty of this method is it's simplicity and hardcore AFKness. So, I'm a lazy grinder. I like achieving the grindier goals with the most minimal amount of effort possible. This is why NMZ was a godsend for me and many others, and I believe it can be for a huge number of people in this clan. As long as you're not lvl 99 in combat stats, then chances are that you can benefit f
  2. This is going to be a guide of how I have personally been doing Nightmare Zone for the hundreds of hours I have put in so far. I know this is not the best possible exp per hour or the most AFK method but it is what I have found to be the best mix of the two. *Note this method is expensive ~190k per 2.5 hr run (including 26k cost of dream) Getting into it Required quests: Holy Grail (Black Knight Titan) Fight Arena (Bouncer) Lost City (Tree Spirit) In Search of the Myreque (Skeletal Hellhound) Vampire Slayer (Count Draynor) Slug
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