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  1. p k 3 r s


    Goodluck on your app!
  2. p k 3 r s

    [Declined] Ascout

    Welcome broski! Goodluck on your app and I am sure you will like our community here!
  3. Welcome to WG and goodluck with your ap!
  4. Welcome and goodluck with your app!
  5. p k 3 r s

    [Accepted] Effayy

    Nice looking account. Goodluck with your ap!
  6. Hey Welcome and Goodluck!
  7. JEEZE thats rough thanks for the advice though
  8. p k 3 r s

    [Accepted] Mr Sed

    Welcome and goodluck on your APP
  9. Goodluck joining WG!
  10. Goodluck and Welcome!
  11. @Rushndip Your tracks dope! Keep up the good work.
  12. p k 3 r s

    [Declined] 5n0w

    Goodluck big G
  13. goodluck and welcome joe!
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