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  1. p k 3 r s


    Lets go Messi welcome and goodluck with your app!
  2. @Frog Wiz you too bro. I'm sad you had to get rid of the 75 that looks like a classic! @s m o k e Dope pic out in the wilderness i see
  3. Congrats @Mask Cute Kid!
  4. Design Robots and Side Hustle is some carpentry work!
  5. Watchhh out Gennn let the hunting begin lol
  6. Goodluck on your app!
  7. Welcome broski! Goodluck on your app and I am sure you will like our community here!
  8. Welcome to WG and goodluck with your ap!
  9. Welcome and goodluck with your app!
  10. p k 3 r s

    [Accepted] Effayy

    Nice looking account. Goodluck with your ap!
  11. Hey Welcome and Goodluck!
  12. JEEZE thats rough thanks for the advice though
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