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  1. @Frog Wiz only if it is Runescape based - smite logo or nada!
  2. Post a pic then @WG HugBoat!!!
  3. d ob

    [Declined] H412 H412

    A man of few words is my mate, but a decent guy, and another pker to the army!
  4. @WG Dug aye - about 2 years in, gave up my old office job and dived into it. It's a pretty fun job haha! I know some tattoo artists who are shocking at drawing, but tattoo like a beast, give it a go
  5. eyy! nice work @Frog Wiz!! The tattoo's I've done are at https://www.instagram.com/dobbyr_tattoo/ if you wanna check those out Here's a couple of pieces I got:
  6. What does everyone do for work? Also, anyone have any cool side hustles? I'm a tattoo artist, and trying to learn sports trading also!
  7. As the title says, come at me with the weird and wonderful ones!
  8. d ob

    [Accepted] D OB

    Haha - would be happy to help design if someone needs! my Instagram is @dobbyr_tattoo (shameless plug haha). Yeah, I'm a RWT'er - woops! I'm on most nights, although Fri - Sun I am pretty swamped in work so I stay away from my PC so I can get my designs prepped. Looking forward to get involved with everything! I'm a clumsy PK'er, but I'll try and learn fast haha.
  9. d ob

    [Accepted] D OB

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. D OB What is your current RS name? D OB List any previous RS names: D O B B S AFK Skilla (Alt) What is your total level and combat level? 112 & 1724 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I began playing RS like most people back in 2005/6 or so - played it pretty heavily, with a 124cmb + 1700 total back then (back when the f2p world wars were a thing), gradually stopped playing around 2009/10 (maybe). Not sure whatever happ
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