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  1. Thanks father, it's good to be back even if it was only 24 hours
  2. Now no one can be surprised that I'm an ass.
  3. Hathor Ray Tell us about yourself. Well I'd like to start off with I am an asshole. Anyone who knows me knows this. I dont beat around the bush(except for gore's Bush) and I dont pull punches. For those that are sensitive I might not be there person for you, approach me at your own risk. Now I like playing osrs, I strongly dislike rs3. I also play league on occasion. I'm a very active person and I keep myself in good shape. Yes yas I have abs, no you cant touch them. Clan history. Ddc- merged our active member with wg. Wg- left for rl Wg- left (I dont remember why) Wg- left because of school Zt- left due to inactivity Wg- left due to inactivity Wg- hot booted for being an asshole How did you hear about us? I honestly dont remember Do you plan to join? I already joined back in 04, and I'm currently a member Any last comments? Despite the events of the last 24 hours I am still here, even if someone is trying to get me kicked. Thanks slump for actually looking into all the details even after you had kicked me and I k ow you learned a lot from this (though you already knew I was an asshole) much love to our staff. And those who fought on my behalf I thank you from the bottom of my heart (if I had one that is) and it means a lot that you guys like me so much that you would fight to keep me around.
  4. Nice app, a few of us have been around for a long time. I joined wg back in 04. It's nice to see some new faces. Just stay active in the cc and disc and I'm sure you'll fit right in.
  5. Hey bro, try adding a bit more info to the app, but welcome and its good to dr you again.
  6. Yup I'm getting close. Tomorrow I'm going to chin and grind those lvls as well, hopefully I'll get 92 range.
  7. 110 cmb now yay!!
  8. Thanks guys, I've slacked off a bit but I'm still working on those lvls. I'm now 109 combat here are my updated stats, I'm currently working on 90 str.
  9. Ohh she's know me for a bit now, so she's well aware of how I am.
  10. Welcome moe, glad to have you here. Be easy on her guys she's new to the game.
  11. I'm Now 108 combat, slowly but surely getting those lvls. Here are my updated stats.
  12. Welcome moe, make sure to make your app for the clan.
  13. Nice app, it's nice to see other ppl on mobile. #mobilesquad
  14. Well I'm going to work on getting to 115 combat. Since I do need it for my next rank. Starting off at 106 combat
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