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  1. Nice ! Got any outdoor photos to share ? I've recently gotten into cyclo-tourism (travelling on a bicycle), my two most recent feats include Paris to Athens (1300km + somes boats and trains), Marseille to Paris (1000km approx). Pretty much into anything bike related too ! sample pic : Col du Rousset in France, 20km climb for an 800m vertical rise approx, not the hardest but one of the most beautiful IMO
  2. no worries, there's no rush alright will do if I ever get on discord...
  3. holy cow how does this still exist !
  4. Heya messaged you on the old forums !
  5. Yep hit me up some time ! So many old faces around it's impressive !
  6. Yay Steve, glad to hear you're hanging in there !
  7. gives a whole new layer of meaning to "fucking clanmates"
  8. Sn0wzak Tell us about yourself. I'm 29 and live in Paris, France - had a stint with WG a while back must've been 2005/2009 ? Attended 2 IRL meetings, got IRL scammed, helped a drunk Stokenut out of a Burger King. Used to be raid leader / council / warlord and whatnot, left on DDay, came back blah blah. WG used to be quite important to me growing up, many sleepless nights were spent in the company of unknown teens from around the world, but it was always a laugh. Drifted away from RS and WG after graduating highschool. Came back at some point when I realized OSRS was
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