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  1. What's up, Mike? I'm also from the eastern USA. Tennessee to be specific. Your play times are very similar to mine, so maybe we can do some stuff together at some point! I'm med level right now (101 combat) and will stay semi low because I'm working on a 75 Attack/Strength/Prayer build but I'm still up for whatever... I'll just be a bit lower combat. Glad to have you. Stick around, we're pretty awesome.
  2. Hey man. Your hours look similar to mine. Only difference is that I typically log on a bit later and go to bed well before 11. I'm actually gonna assume you're EST, which means it's even more closely aligned. I hope to see you around!
  3. This is so damn cute. Y'all are adorable. Got me all teary eyed and shit. Congrats
  4. I consistently logged in for my farm runs 5-6 times daily starting November 1st. I finished yesterday. No pet yet, but that's okay. I'll continue to do cheap trees, cactus, seaweed, belladonna, etc. until I get it. This was my first 99 on OSRS and I'm now just shy of 1,600 total. No idea how much it cost. I swapped GP from RS3 as needed, so I don't have a total because I didn't buy all of my supplies at once or even acquire the gold all at once. Next up is Runecrafting. Gotta take some time to prepare for it (pouches, diaries, whatever else is needed). I'm starting Monday and my target is 13 weeks, so I'm shooting for mid April on this one. I only have about 2.5 hours to play on average, this includes weekends, so that's why it's gonna take so long. I chose RC because I want to get it out of the way early. Plus, I was working on RC when EoC dropped and I never finished it because of EoC. Just feels right.
  5. What's up man? I like whiskey too! Problem is, every time I've ever found myself in jail, I had been drinking whiskey. Oops. Welcome to the club bro.
  6. Hey man. We're both around the same combat level. We should def get together for some stuff.
  7. What's up man? Just curious: Did you mean to put '08? As in, you started in 2008? I'm new here myself by the way. Good to meet you!
  8. Goti

    [Accepted] Goti

    I appreciate it, y'all!
  9. Goti

    [Accepted] Goti

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Goti What is your current RS name? Goti List any previous RS names: Tank N Slay (pre-EoC) Goti Taila (2012-2014) What is your total level and combat level? Total level: 1,375 Combat level: 94.6 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing RuneScape in June of 2004. Come 2008, I abandoned my first account and created a new account. I turned that account into a Ranged Tank, which I eventually maxed. I was working on my non-combat 99s and 50M Slayer (36M) and 200M Ranged (106M) when EoC dropped. If you were around then, you remember how it changed not only the fundamentals of combat, but also how combat levels were calculated. It became Defence + your highest offensive combat skill (mine was Ranged) + 2 for a total max combat level of 200. I was a ranged tank with 200 combat, but only 70 Attack and Strength (and 74 Prayer). I couldn't compete with the mains. I went from level 106 to max combat level. In an attempt to adapt, I trained my Attack and Strength to 99. I continued to play, kind of, for 2 years into 2014, albeit much less and without the same drive to achieve. Sometime in 2014 I realized I no longer enjoyed the game. Not to mention the constant nagging thoughts about how I could be playing OSRS and actually enjoying myself, hindered by my lack of desire to start all over again. Eventually I found myself less overwhelmed with the idea of starting over, and so here I am. I haven't gotten very far, as you can see by my total level, but I'll get there. I have about 10 days of play time on this account so far, and about half of that was during the 2 weeks of paternity leave when my son was born in August 2020. I've done some quests, just finished RFD about a week ago, and now I'm working on skill requirements for the remaining quests and the achievement diaries. My favorite skills are Ranged, Slayer, and Agility. Although I've not done much of any of that since starting cause I want to get all the quests and diaries done first. Tell us about your clan history. I was in Valhalla (a rune pure/ranged tank clan) back in the day. I also founded and lead my own clan for 2 years from late 2009 until EoC dropped. I guested with and briefly joined SoA for a short time. I haven't been in any clans since 2014. In fact, I haven't played RS3 at all since then. Tell us about your yourself. My name is Coty. I'm 28 29 years old, and I was born and raised in Tennessee, USA. I have a degree in IT that I don't use, and I work in manufacturing. I like to hike and love to camp. My favorite thing to do is just to spend time with my kid and my wife. I like all kinds of music, from Country classics to modern Horrorcore rap. I literally like it all. How did you hear about us? MYL responded to my post on the "looking for a clan" section of the RSOF. What makes you want to join us? I've been guesting for about a week in the in-game CC, mostly listening and getting a feel for the atmosphere. I need a home in OSRS, truly, and someplace I can grow alongside others. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I don't want to put this here, because it's something I'm really ashamed of, but I fear someone will find out at some point anyway. Back in 2011, when free trade (and the wild) returned, I killed a guy in Edgeville and when he died I told him to sit. (there's actually not anything to put here, I haven't done anything stupid in RS since maybe 2007 aside from being muted a couple of times, but even that was years ago)
  10. Goti Tell us about yourself. My name is Coty (which is why my RSN is Goti), I'm 29 years old and married with a 1 year old son. I was born and raised in Tennessee. I work in manufacturing leadership and I have a degree in IT with a focus on security and networking (and I use none of these skills lol it was a complete waste of time and money). I started playing RuneScape in June of 2004, though I didn't really start taking it seriously for about a year after that. I created a new account after a few years with plans on turning it into a ranged tank. I never could have imagined how far it would go... My RSN during those days was Tank N Slay, and if you were active in the med level PKing community anytime from 2007-2012 there is a good chance you might remember the name. The account was beastly and if you look up Goti on the RS3 hiscores you can still see remnants of my time as a ranged tank with the low att/str XP but high def/ranged/magic XP. That account has been largely frozen in time since EoC dropped. I don't hate EoC as a concept but I'm still bitter to this day because it nullified the accomplishments on that account from a combat/ranged tank perspective. I created my OSRS account when it came out, but didn't play at all really until August of 2020 when my son was born. I played for 2 weeks then, because I had paternity leave and he slept a lot. I stopped playing after my leave ended, but came back a couple of weeks ago and I'm here to stay. I won't be able to play like I used to, but I plan on putting in at least an hour each day, and up to 4 or even 5 on the weekends. Slow and steady! I'm mostly doing things in-game right now that unlock perks. Quests, diaries, etc. I just finished RFD for my B gloves and now I'm working on the skill requirements for the hard diaries. Working on 75 Smithing right now. Clan history. Whoa boy. I was never in a clan prior to creating Tank N Slay. I joined Valhalla (a rune pure/ranged tank clan from back in the dayish) and left after a year or so. I created my own clan, Saint Honor, which maintained 40-50 members for about 2 years. We disbanded and I then joined Spirits of Arianwyn, but I wasn't really feeling the culture. I haven't been in any clans since SoA. How did you hear about us? I have known about WG for years, but MYL mentioned WG as a potential clan I could join accompanying my return (and true start) to OSRS. Do you plan to join? Yeah, probably so. There is a high probability. Any last comments? Maybe...
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