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  1. Augustane


    Welcome. We'd like to know more about you if you could expand on any of the sections
  2. Hey Matthew. Always hard to balance gaming, work, and a family. Glad you decided to apply despite that. Glad to have you with us - hope to see you often
  3. No lie. If that was posted to Reddit during my time, I would've definitely joined for that too lmao
  4. Were you also attracted by the yoked sandwich lady?
  5. Welcome back. Nice stats!
  6. Instead of killing you, we'd rather have you join us in our PK trips! Good to have you
  7. Welcome back. Looking forward to you rejoining us in all our trips!
  8. Welcome! Hope to see you in PK trips with us. We'll help you transition right back into the grind
  9. It's an old ass game and many of us have been playing for fucking years. What are your best memories? Mine come in two parts. 1) My childhood best was when I was 12-13 years old standing at Varrock center and shooting the shit with other random kids. I remember wasting so many hours there talking with random teenagers from around the world. It was also fun as fuck to flex on F2P players in members gear. 2) My best memory from clanning was around 18-19 years old in 2009. I remember getting involved in big PK trips with The Titans and how awesome it felt to clear EoS or VR in the wilder
  10. Welcome dude. This is one of the more thoughtful applications I've read. I also know what you mean about being a 'lone wolf' and feeling held back by group activities. We do everything like Rev Pking, protected Rev trips, God Wars, raids, and more. I hope you find everything you need to improve your 'scaping experience here! Glad you found our CC.
  11. Ayyyy, @Yami_Yug1 is hella dope. Welcome!
  12. These days, it's Varrock West Bank or Seers Bank. Less activity than GE, but you still got people running through.
  13. Augustane

    [Accepted] P0ort13

    Welcome! Great stats. Can't wait to see you in events with us.
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