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  1. MYL

    [Accepted] ST00PLD

    Welcome, nice to see you join
  2. MYL

    [Accepted] Rainull

    Lmfao at the come clean, welcome to wg mate
  3. Welcome to the forum's mate. Discord does have a web browser client if it was installing it that kept you away.
  4. 765 well get there one day boys
  5. MYL

    The journey of koods

    Grats on 2200 and those drops man, that's a tiny team for an arcane. Hope to see you on 2200 worlds soon. I'll get there soon.
  6. Welcome mate! don't forget your application review!
  7. Welcome to WG mate. Good to see you around. Where are ya from? USA? I only ask bc I'm an Aussie planning to host AEST trips.
  8. MYL

    [Accepted] Sexc

    G'day mate welcome! Love seeing Aussie applicants, especially pkers. Look forward to pking with ya and further developing the Aussie PvP unit within WG
  9. Welcome to WG! Always nice to see pkers apply. See you out there!
  10. MYL

    [Accepted] Zoo UwU

    Welcome mate! Nice app, great to see you apply, looking forward to pking with you
  11. Welcome brother, this blokes a real one. Look forward to working with you to establish a larger Aussie unit
  12. Welcome to wg! I'm sure you'll enjoy the pking and be instantly hooked once you give it a go. Nice to meet you brozzer
  13. Welcome back mate. Would be good to see you on trips!
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