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  1. Welcome to WG, very thorough application. dont forget to do “!review” in the discord channel #osrs-app-review after 24h!
  2. Welcome to WG, seems like you'll be a perfect review, as simmons said dont forget to review!
  3. Welcome! sounds like you'll be a great fit here!
  4. "qol" more like various buffs kekw jamflex
  5. MYL

    Meekzzh progression

    absolute weapon, been an absolute pleasure playing with you, heres to many more months. crazy how fast your progressing. lets get a staff @ toa
  6. Yeah guests can enter but we need to test whether or not they can loot stuff as guests
  7. this seems cool for clan drop parties and stuff. Will have to test it
  8. Welcome to WG, man a pharmacist, what a gig, glad to hear the pvm boys left a good impression on you. Look forward to seeing you on trips
  9. MYL

    The journey of koods

    Gz on everything, especially RC. That takes some dedication, much love brother
  10. Welcome to WG, any friend of Jensen is a friend of ours.
  11. MYL


    Welcome to WG brother, sounds like you've made some serious progress in a short period of time. You're in the right place to learn PKing, I'd love to see you on one of my beginner trips sometime. The come clean section is more in relation to the game, we'd never judge anyone based on neuro-divergencies or differences in any way. WG is inclusive and made up of people from all different walks of life.
  12. Welcome to WG! We have heaps in common, very detailed app. Would love to see you on a PK trip once your accounts changed, maybe we could convert you to a mains pker
  13. Welcome back brother, we have quiet a few riders active which is sick. It'd be awesome to see more info about your history with WG, what time were you around. What kind of activities do you do in game etc.
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