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  1. MYL

    [Accepted] vBlixy

    Welcome mate!
  2. Welcome to WG! You sound like a perfect fit
  3. MYL

    [Accepted] DirtyDe

    Welcome back brother
  4. Welcome mate! Don't forget to !review in discord
  5. Welcome to WG mate
  6. 848 we getting there boys
  7. Welcome! on the surface it seems like a lot has changed but really, the fundamentals are the same. We have a few different ways to train skills these days like mahogany homes for construction and stuff which is nice, but not too much to be overwhelmed by. Pm me or just ask in clan normally if you need any guidance <3. Welcome back
  8. MYL


    Welcome brother, a friend of grovs is definitely a friend of ours, would love to see a little more about you as "am a panda" has said, maybe something about your hobbies, interests, favorite foods or some shit idk. Showing effort when you join the clan is a great way to show initiative
  9. MYL

    [Declined] Misfitxl

    Welcome, would be good to see you progress into a beast of an account, and oneday pking alongside us.
  10. MYL

    [Accepted] Inz808

    Welcome to WG, any friend of grov is a friend of ours. Don't forget your review brother!
  11. Welcome to WG, so many of us originally joined the exact same way as you. Sounds like you'll be a great fit. Don't forget your review!
  12. Welcome to Wg brother, the rare Mining lover. Don't meet many people with mining as a fave skill
  13. Welcome to WG, very thorough application. dont forget to do “!review” in the discord channel #osrs-app-review after 24h!
  14. Welcome to WG, seems like you'll be a perfect review, as simmons said dont forget to review!
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