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    ez pet grind, grats
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    Hi José, welcome
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    hi Wyatt, welcome
  4. Season 8, the final season, begins tonight. Feel free to discuss it here
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    Welcome Brenden
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    Welcome back!
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    Welcome Juan
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    Your application has been declined. See the previous post or contact an App Manager or Leader for an explanation.
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    applicant was not honest with us about his botting past
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    Surprised Jagex allow that name lmao welcome!
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    The last ever episode has been broadcast, here's a tl;dr for those who cba to watch 83 hours of content
  12. He’s been there since the start in 2013 and was key in pushing for OSRS to be given new updates and not just maintained as was the original plan. Sad to see him go, I wonder where he is going.
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    I think your opinion is pretty harsh tbh. Regarding emilyispro, Jagex (not Mat himself) issued the relevant ban for the offence then after that Mat simply defended her against a torrent of abuse from the sometimes toxic OSRS community. Regarding RuneLite, he made the correct decision in the end but I think he was initially guided by higher forces in Jagex plus their legal team who were trying to persuade him to get rid of RuneLite. Even if you consider these two issues as big errors I think the other stuff Mat has done for OSRS far outweighs this. It's very likely that OSRS would have died without Mat K and we wouldn't be sitting here discussing it.
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    Your application has been declined. This is because you posted an extremely low effort application. If you're serious about joining feel free to post another application.
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    Welcome Kyle
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    Welcome Jeremy thats an impressive account if its only 1 year old!
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    Welcome Sean, I agree with the above comment
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    Welcome Jacob
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    hi welcome
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    Hi, welcome
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    good luck with your new business
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    Hi welcome Apply here