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    Nice that you chose to join. Welcome
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    Great progress! Keep going
  4. Fifteen years ago on this day, His Lordship founded the Wilderness Guardians. I'm not going to write a lot, the video gives a great overview of those 15 years. The key to our success has been, in my opinion, two main things: sticking to our values whilst adapting to the current game style(s). Throughout the past 15 years, only 7 of which I've been part of, we've seen many eras. From RS Classic right through to the current day set up of both RS3 and Old School our clan has risen to the challenge of the game. Thank you to the thousands of Guardians past and present for making the Wilderness Guardians such a great clan to be a part of. We've consistently said we want the clan to outlive the game and I truly believe that it will. Here's to another 15 years!
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    Happy birthday mask, thanks for your continued work as Warlord
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    I can never be bothered to do these
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    RIP to all your pures clans, welcome to our forums I look forward to your application
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    never heard of it tbh
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Hello, this would look a lot better written in sentences
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    you should be a professional piggie photographer
  18. Moved this to OSRS discussion, this isn't WG discussion Anyway yeh sick mace, probably RoT
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    Welcome to our forums
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    Hey, welcome
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    Hi welcome. A bit more detail wouldn’t do any harm
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    Welcome back dude
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    I made this topic over a year ago now dude. I have a PC now
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    So my laptop recently died so I'm now looking at buying a desktop PC. Spent £600 ($780) last time and looking for any advice as to what I should buy.
  25. http://www.speedtest.net Always fun to compare different countries and ISPs, post yours!