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  1. haha i wouldnt say it was a good time but 10 minutes and 45 seconds, in the back of my mind i kept thinking im 1000 miles away from home, in my own car and i needed to make it back in one piece! i only ended up doing two laps because i bottled it!
  2. My old rocket, sold it back in 2015 when i bought my first house. was around the 290hp mark before took it to standard and sold it on. i'll own another toy one day! Oh yeah, took it somewhere special aswell...
  3. Thanks bro, I'm not fussed about it. The accounts profile seems to have been wiped, profile pic/signature and few others things etc.
  4. Dog B2 Tell us about yourself. Josh - 24 - South East London - Logistics Manager Been with my partner for 11 years, Home owner, Love holidaying and watch collecting. Been playing RS since 2005 but quit once EOC was launched. Went to Rune-fest 2011 with the old gang, Met Gene(his lordship) multiple times when visiting from OZ, Recently came back - few weeks before OSRSMOBILE was released. Some might remember me? some might not. I did have emeritus status on the old WGFourm but that has been been removed like the rest of my WG profile :( Clan history. EX
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