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  1. WG Maiar

    [Accepted] V8 G8

    Welcome back brother!! Good to see ya
  2. Another LOTR fan woohooooo. We're similar except you're a valar and I'm a Maiar lmao. Welcome brother
  3. I'm getting the feels yesssss, seeing yoinky and Corona Joe is so nostolgic hahaha welcome back brother!
  5. WG Maiar

    [Accepted] Ovee

    POGGGGGG the man is back gg
  6. WG Maiar

    [Accepted] MumHitDad

    my boy, my man, im so happy to see this post, welcome back brother
  7. welcome wholesome Protos
  8. Congratulations man, cute as a button
  9. hahaha GZ, that reaction though your friend in the back is wholesome as fuck, btw. "im so happy for you guys, you guys deserved it, congratulations"
  10. Omg another LOTR fan! Check my name bro, hopefully we can bond over the silmarillion, welcome m8
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