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  1. welcome back brother good to see you in a better place
  2. My man yoink welcome back brother
  3. Lol I'm sad you changed your name from slap fatties welcome back brother
  4. Welcome back brother, I'm ready for another fat drop party hahaha
  5. WG Maiar

    [Accepted] swifter

    Welcome back sexy boy
  6. BIG OLE SUPPORT FOR THIS BIG LAD, great application boy, welcome
  7. Welcome and good luck!!
  8. WG Maiar


    Bro you be getting all kinds of gainz today brotha GZ, BTW you have now elected yourself honorary full time tber since your 99 mage lmao ty
  9. WG Maiar

    sm0l fuzzy boi

    You suck. I have 99 hunter, and from 63 - 99 hunter was all chins and never got a baby chin pet #feelsbadman
  10. USA Central Time, boi we got lots of Brits here >:)
  11. "not that typical ching chong guy" LMAO you'll fit in brother, good luck
  12. Damn i need to make my house like this, efficient AF
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