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  1. Yea I dont have any clue why they ever thought anything like this would pass. I dont mind partnerships, thats cool. Advertise another company. But anything that can come from them should come come for completely free, from day one.
  2. V8 G8

    [Declined] bavro11

    Welcome, and good luck! we do lots of what you're intrested in so hope the best for you
  3. Welcome and goodluck! Nice stats, hope to see you soon.
  4. lol good luck man fun first exchange, maybe we can have more later on =p
  5. V8 G8

    [Accepted] Farm Rice

    Welcome and good luck my dude!
  6. Whats really bad, is not ONLY was there the massive death bug but they didn't even correctly size the arenas LMAO. So many screw ups.
  7. V8 G8

    [Declined] Owmz

    Welcome and good luck my dude!
  8. V8 G8

    [Accepted] CG1

    Welcome and good luck my dude!
  9. Welcome and good luck my dude!
  10. Welcome and good luck my dude!
  11. Welcome and good luck with the app mate!
  12. V8 G8

    [Declined] 8ear

    Hey man really glad to see you applied after talking in the clan. No doubt you will be approved based on the effort put into your application. I too have 2 kids and a wi.....exwife. Best of luck with the app and don't forget to PM a staff member on discord in 48 hours time.
  13. Welcome to the clan mate. Make sure you answer Mojo or you will be denied Good luck!!
  14. Welcome to the clan and good luck on your app
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