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  1. Dagganoth Prime, Kalphite Queen, Heron, Squirell, Tangleroot, Rockie, Skotos
  2. As a pet hunter this gave me so much anxiety
  3. Let me be first to point out im not the one who put their monitor on a fax machine, wasnt me. just posting for him.
  4. V8 G8

    [Accepted] huffola

    Hey! Your account is super good, and im really jealous but I feel you could've put a bit more effort into your app. Good luck none the less would love to see a quality player such as yourself in the clan.
  5. BOOMER SOONER!!!!!! Good luck!!!
  6. V8 G8

    [Declined] Cx-1

    Welcome goodluck on your app! Enjoyed seeing you out at the dragon defender hunt!
  7. V8 G8

    [Accepted] FloatD

    Welcome and good luck!
  8. Damn. Nah the only levels im working on is slayer and youre already past my goal
  9. I'll BET you 100m I get diary cape before you. I still need KQ head. Here are my stats.
  10. V8 G8

    Diary Cape!

    wow nice man! big congrats! thats been one of my long term goals for a while and im REALLY close to it. 87/91 thieve 86/93 slayer and need KQ head. Otherwise ive completed it!!
  11. Farming pet at 89 farming from q crystal tree this morning (Have and love this pet on my alt as well)
  12. V8 G8

    [Accepted] V8 G8

    Thanks. Im a nerd Thank you all for the warm welcome back posts. Glad to be back.
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