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  1. Dagganoth Prime, Kalphite Queen, Heron, Squirell, Tangleroot, Rockie, Skotos
  2. As a pet hunter this gave me so much anxiety
  3. Let me be first to point out im not the one who put their monitor on a fax machine, wasnt me. just posting for him.
  4. V8 G8

    [Accepted] huffola

    Hey! Your account is super good, and im really jealous but I feel you could've put a bit more effort into your app. Good luck none the less would love to see a quality player such as yourself in the clan.
  5. BOOMER SOONER!!!!!! Good luck!!!
  6. V8 G8

    [Declined] Cx-1

    Welcome goodluck on your app! Enjoyed seeing you out at the dragon defender hunt!
  7. V8 G8

    [Accepted] FloatD

    Welcome and good luck!
  8. Damn. Nah the only levels im working on is slayer and youre already past my goal
  9. I'll BET you 100m I get diary cape before you. I still need KQ head. Here are my stats.
  10. V8 G8

    Diary Cape!

    wow nice man! big congrats! thats been one of my long term goals for a while and im REALLY close to it. 87/91 thieve 86/93 slayer and need KQ head. Otherwise ive completed it!!
  11. Farming pet at 89 farming from q crystal tree this morning (Have and love this pet on my alt as well)
  12. V8 G8

    [Accepted] V8 G8

    Thanks. Im a nerd Thank you all for the warm welcome back posts. Glad to be back.
  13. V8 G8

    [Accepted] V8 G8

    Sure just lend me 250m
  14. V8 G8

    [Accepted] V8 G8

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. V8 G8 What is your current RS name? V8 G8 List any previous RS names: RCRCRCRCRC (Alt account) What is your total level and combat level? Total: 2044 Combat: 113 Attack 83 Strength 93 Defence 82 Range 99 Prayer 90 Magic 96 Hit points 97 Rigour + Augury Near max house on both my main V8 G8 and RCRCRCRCRC Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Started this account around 16 months ago. Pushing towards max. I just like setting goals and reaching them, no particular favorite skill. I do love me some skilling competitions though ;) Tell us about your clan history. No real clan history, was in a clan with friends for a while but everyone split off. Joined WG back in the beginning of February and just recently was demoted due to inactivity. Tell us about your yourself. I'm 26 year old Male from the US. prefer not to list name for the sake of privacy. Some of my hobbies include Runescape, soccer, grilling, and sleeping. I love to upkeep my car. I've got 2 awesome kids and I'm a truck driver. How did you hear about us? Previous Member What makes you want to join us? Ive been with the clan for a while and enjoy the atmosphere. Good events, friendly members, and quality banter Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I tried selling my rs3 account when eoc went live and it got banned XD my first ever account was banned YEARS ago (like 2007 or 2008) for botting rune essence. Lol, dont do that anymore.
  15. Yea I dont have any clue why they ever thought anything like this would pass. I dont mind partnerships, thats cool. Advertise another company. But anything that can come from them should come come for completely free, from day one.
  16. V8 G8

    [Declined] bavro11

    Welcome, and good luck! we do lots of what you're intrested in so hope the best for you
  17. Welcome and goodluck! Nice stats, hope to see you soon.
  18. lol good luck man fun first exchange, maybe we can have more later on =p
  19. V8 G8

    [Accepted] Farm Rice

    Welcome and good luck my dude!
  20. Whats really bad, is not ONLY was there the massive death bug but they didn't even correctly size the arenas LMAO. So many screw ups.
  21. V8 G8

    [Declined] Owmz

    Welcome and good luck my dude!
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