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  1. I've been to several group homes, instituations, family place, rehab, blabla you name it, been living in the streets... friends... Eventually The social helped me with a program, took me 2 years to get this 1st apartment, was all free from alcohol and drugs this time., was also working pretty hard etc... After I got the first contract tho, after a while i started thinking: Hey I can do what i want ? My main problem is alcohol. I like strong beers, Whisky... Favourite after that comes Coke, with a mix with alcohol ofc. After that i guess GOOD speed comes, ( if u have weed/pills to l
  2. Under 180 kc .... Wow lucky Congrats
  3. Welcome to the forums Hope to pvm with u in near future
  4. :o, I thought You need to be fat/muscular for rugby
  5. Well.... Tbh , your friend wasnt rly smart here
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