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Community Intro - Weaponz

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Tell us about yourself.

Name is Cody i'm 27 years old. I own an Escape Room business which has been operating for a little over 3 1/2 years which i'm pretty proud of! I have been playing runescape on and off since about 2005 and i have been seriously clanning for about 4 years now. I am looking for a place to call home, build some bonds, and help improve the community how ever i can. I know what it takes to grow and sustain a clan as I helped Vanguard as their Warlord in the earlier days gain respect from other clans in PVP. After I left there I created my own community (Paragon) which I built up pretty nicely. We got to where we averaged 20+ in cc all times and at times hitting 50 with numerous events per week and pvm comps and the whole 9. I got busy with my Business and didn't have much help to help maintain the clan while i was working so i've decided to hang it up with Paragon and look for a permanent place to call home. Chances are where ever I go some of my members from Paragon will likely want to follow maybe around 10 people?


Clan history.  

FoE - (way back before rs3 when all i made were pures)
Vanguard - was there for 2 years as Warlord/advisor
Paragon - Leader (clan lasted about a year and still going, but now i've let it die down and now its basically just a friend cc with about 15 people in it)



How did you hear about us? From when i was in Vanguard we had a good relationship with WG

Do you plan to join? I do plan on joining if it is a good fit for both sides


Any last comments?  

Like i said im looking for somewhere to call home! I want to join a community that Pks, pvms, and everything! And help the community grow and improve in anyway im able to.

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