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Title: Community Intro - WG Flux
Post by: Flux on April 08, 2017, 10:36:16 pm

WG Flux/Zerflux

My RuneScape Name:

WG Flux (main)/Zerflux (Zerk)

About Me:

Hi guys.

My name's Ben for those of you who didn't know! I'm 20 years old and studying Civil Engineering in London, where I also live.

I've been scaping on and off since 2008 when I made my first account at my friend's house. Back in the day I used to make my GP buying and selling Rune trimmed armour at Varrock West Bank - good times. I've had a plethora of accounts in my time and have always enjoyed the PKing aspect of the game, albeit not being the most skilled for the majority of my career.

With the introduction of Oldschool Runescape, I was able to re-live that passion for PKing and the Wilderness, with the added knowledge and skill in comparison to my younger self.

Outside of RS, my main hobby lies in Rowing, which I've been doing the last ~7 years. Currently I train approximately 12 times a week. I also used to swim competitively. I'm a big fan of music; especially 00's Rock and a lot of current Rap/Hip-hop.

Clan history (if any):

Prior to entering the Wilderness Guardians community in December 2015, I was part of Vendetta (P2P Pure Clan) for a few months during 2014-2015. This gave me the first insight into clanning.

I officially joined WG in January 2016 and remained an active member until September 2016, acting as Warlord for some months. Unfortunately, due to University and other commitments I had to take a step down. I've been occasionally dropping by since then. Although my time with WG has been comparatively short, I felt a serious part of the clan and have shared a lot of great moments.

Where did you hear about us? WG Aussie, back in December 2015.

Planning to join?

I plan on re-joining in about 2 months time, once my exams/studies are over for the year.

Final comments (if any):

Long live Tommywx

I CE Y can't brid for shit
Title: Re: Community Intro - WG Flux
Post by: Mojo on April 08, 2017, 11:14:28 pm
Hello, nice to see you around :)
Title: Re: Community Intro - WG Flux
Post by: Suffud on April 09, 2017, 08:11:27 pm