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Blogs / Future Goals [13/12/16]
« on: December 12, 2016, 10:31:39 pm »
I'll be updating this topic daily or every other day.
Since i have a lot of spare time at the moment, i have decided to set stat goals for my account.

Number between marks is a current level.

Attack 95 [90]
Defence 95 [91]
Range 95 [91]
Magic 94 [84]
Prayer 80 [71]
Runecrafting 60 [44]
Construction 82 [67]
Hitpoints 99 [96]
Agility 70 [64]
Herblore 60 [60]
Thieving 70 [57]
Crafting 70 [70]
Fletching 80 [75]
Slayer 90 [88]
Hunter 80 [60]
Mining 70 [60]
Smithing 70 [60]
Fishing 80 [70]
Cooking 90 [85]
Firemaking 70 [70]
Woodcutting 70 [63]
Farming 70 [60]

Here is a picture of stats:

Join the Clan / [color=green][Accepted][/color] [07] Rs Buddha
« on: November 23, 2016, 01:42:24 pm »


My RuneScape Name: Rs Buddha
My Previous RSNs: WG BUDDHA

Buddha Heist
X Noxic X
Kio Tori

Joining for PvP events: Yes
My Combat Level: 115
My Stats:

About my RuneScape Account and History:

For people who don't know me.

I have been playing Runescape for about 10 years, i have had multiple accounts, which some of them are maxed. (Runescape 3)

My account (Rs Buddha) is like 1,5-2 years old, and i'm targeting at the moment to get 2000 total level.

I mainly skill on Runescape now a days, but i do PK/PvM if i find a fit team.
I do enjoy Team pking and 'luring' people in wilderness, and uuuh... RUSHING <3

I'm ready for everything!

My past clans/teams and any current teams: Wilderness Guardians was my first clan which i joined in, i were part of Clan Europe while i was staying on WG.

WG is the first and the last.

About me: Once again for those who don't know me.

I'm 19 year old guy from Finland who enjoys playing video games.

I'm finishing my studies at the moment, after that i'm gonna spend a lot of time on Runescape.

I don't have any specific hobbies at the moment, other than video games and hanging out with my buddies.
I did play ice hockey when i was younger, but now i haven't played it for long time.

Pm me ingame, if you need any company!

I heard about WG through: I'm old member of the clan.
I want to join because: I stopped Runescape playing for 4 months or so.

Now i have been back for 1 week and it feels like that i will stay on Runescape for a while again.

That's why i'm interested on joining back to Wilderness Guardians, seeking for events and inspiration!

Regarding future events which may impact my activity: Graduating from school, nothing special tho.

Achievements / Heroes' Quest
« on: June 25, 2016, 03:13:43 pm »
I'm searching for a partner who would do the Heroes' Quest with me.

Need member who's part of Phoenix Gang!

Pm me in-game: WG Buddha OR Post under this topic, that when would be a good time to start off.


Thaaanks  :nyan:

Real Life Discussion / Finally Feeling The Happiness
« on: March 03, 2016, 02:41:40 pm »
Hello guys,

Sorry for being 'in-active' for few days, i've been very busy with my real-life.
I've been helping my girlfriends mother with construction of her apartment, it has taken a lot of my gaming time, but it's been worth it  <3

And the another reason of my in-activity has been that i've been planning a huge suprise for my girlfriend.

Let the pictures tell you all  :> <3

Join the Clan / [color=green][Accepted][/color] [07] Buddha Heist
« on: February 23, 2016, 10:55:59 am »


My RuneScape Name: Buddha Heist
My Previous RSNs: Buddha Heist
X Noxic X
Kio Tori
And many lower level accounts

Joining for PvP events: Yes
My Combat Level: 108
My Stats:

About my RuneScape Account and History: I've been playing runescape since i was 8/9 years old, so i started at 2005 or 2006. I used to maxed player (Kio Tori) at years of 2011-2013, but after Rs3 was released i quited playing it and went to OldSchool
I have a lot of knowledge about runescape, but my skills might be little bit rusty!

My favourite skills are Combat skill and ofc slayer , since they are most important for Pking and PvMing.

My past clans/teams and any current teams: This would be my first clan.

About me: Hello everyone, im 19 Year old "man" from finland.
Im student at the moment, studying programming.
My hobbies are playing Runescape and working out, there's not anything specific to point out, just a normal guy.
Neither there isn't specific music which i love, but i mostly listen trap and a lot of remixes of known songs.

There's one thing i dislike most and it's unhonest person, as im being honest always, it annoys me that some people screw over people because of pixels or so.

I heard about WG through: One of your clan members invited me to join to your clan! (WG Terquoze)
I want to join because:

I want to join a clan, since i don't have any active friends to Pk/PvM with, this is the way how i would get my activity back and interest in to the RuneScape once again.

Regarding future events which may impact my activity:

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