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RuneScape Discussion / Mage training
« on: April 10, 2017, 03:01:13 pm »
I've been thinking about the freezers at PK tips.
Many people say they won't freeze because they don't have the mage level to cast ice barrage (94).

Well I've got an answer for you guys !

At lvl 86 you can cast 'plank make'. (need to do lunar diplomacy and dream mentor)
At this moment, this is a method of training (when doing Mahogany planks) that actually makes money!
Exp rate is 90 exp per cast. So its more than 100k exp per hour.

I 'm training up to 94 and I'm hoping, with this post, that all off you who don't have 94 mage yet, will take this opportunity and get it as well.

Join the Clan / [color=green][Accepted][/color] [07] Nahlan
« on: January 23, 2017, 06:51:00 pm »


My RuneScape Name: Nahlan
My Previous RSNs: RS3 - Seba Slayer (inactive)
OSRS - Nahlan

Joining for PvP events: Yes
My Combat Level: 104
My Stats:

About my RuneScape Account and History: I started out around 2005-2006 and have always liked to train every skill in the game. I have long been non-active after the eoc update and some 2 years ago I started osrs. After an other break of 1-2 years, I now play again since november 2016. I've always liked the community this game brings and would like to widen my experience once again with joining this clan.

My past clans/teams and any current teams: I've been a member of TWOR (The Warriors Of Runescape) for a long time. This was a maily duch clan, created by Pieter_1212. After a few months at this clan, I became a co-leader hosting all the non-pvp activities.

About me: I'm a 25 year old male from Belgium. I lice to play football (soccer) and i'm a drummer. IRL, I sell charging stations for electric cars, for a big company.

I heard about WG through: I don't know how, but I've know of you guys for a long time.
I want to join because: Just the general experience of being in a clan again. (There is probably some nostalgia involved there.)

In the question under this one, I see most of the events are at weekends. The most of the time that I am online is at weekdays, so I guess I'll have to see how that is going to work out.)

Regarding future events which may impact my activity: In a few month, I plan to move in together with my girlfriend, this may couse some inactivity.

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