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Join the Clan / [color=green][Accepted][/color] [07] Im A Dad Lol
« on: April 10, 2017, 06:03:06 pm »


My RuneScape Name: Im A Dad Lol
My Previous RSNs: Yeahimpure, First Dayz, Koainpker, H T0wn Pk3r
My Combat Level: 120
My Stats:

About my RuneScape Account and History: This is not my first account, I've played since 2001 on rsc. I've had several different names and accounts.

My name means, im a dad lol.

I like PvP probably the most but I'm eager to start PvMing aswell, never had a fully completed main account before and I'm pretty close to being done with this besides my def level.

Joining for PvP events: Yes

My past clans/teams and any current teams: I've really only pure clanned during my whole RS career, my first clan was AAO back in probably 2006, since then I've been in several different clans due to them closing.

About me: My name is Forrest, 25, married, 2 young boys, us navy vet, and currently a locksmith for banks.

I heard about WG through: I was looking at OSRS forums for a main clan to join.
I want to join because: Your clan has a long history and I believe I will make a great addition to your PvP squad. All I've really ever done is warred.

Anything that may impact your future activity? I have a full time job and a family, but I'm on pretty often, just depends on what's going on.

Introduce Yourself / Community Intro - Im A Dad Lol
« on: April 09, 2017, 11:52:32 pm »


My RuneScape Name: Im A Dad Lol

About Me: My name's Forrest, 25 years old, US Navy Vet, Family man.

Previous RSNs: H T0wn Pk3r, Yeahimpure, First Dayz, Koainpker

Played Runescape since the RSC days, never been in a main clan really, always have just pure clanned. I got defense on my maxed out pure account about a week ago due to the pure clan scene changing.

Clan history (if any): I've been in numerous pure clans, first clan was called AAO wayyyyy back in probably 05-06. Currently in Corrupt Pures.

Where did you hear about us? Started looking for clans on the OSRS Forum.

Planning to join? Definitely looking to join.

Final comments (if any):

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