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RuneScape History Project

Started by July, January 31, 2015, 08:40:09 PM

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Hello everyone,

My name is July and I am the author of an upcoming free e-book about the development and history of RuneScape.

One of the topics that will be included in the project is the history of the clan world. I am looking for long-term members of the Wilderness Guardians, preferably owner and/or (co-)founder, to help me with the period 2004-2007. King Sabre, founder of The Sabres, has been helping me with the RSC era.

If anyone is interested or can help me in any way, I would appreciate it if you replied to this topic or sent me a private message.

Kind regards,


In case you would like more information about the project:

-ETA: Early 2015
-Free e-book containing 200-300 pages
-Visual support in the form of authentic screenshots
-Contributions by S U  O  M I, Rab, King Sabre, Lilyuffie88, Thehate, Whitemagem, Castle Wars and many more.

Twitter: @RsHistoryJuly
Facebook: RuneScape History Project
YouTube trailer video: /watch?v=xDNimNFLsa8


Sounds like a job for His Lordship. Hasn't been around for a while though.

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Send a tweet to @WG_lordship  https://twitter.com/wg_lordship
That's the best person and best way of contacting him.

The book sounds interesting, will be nice to see the end result when you finish it :D
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 Lilyuffie88, Thehate, Whitemagem.

Cool, wouldn't seeing this when you've finished to see what you pick up.
I can't recall exact times in RS from back then, my memory is all scattered between 03 & 08. His Lordship is definitely your best bet, he loves the history side. Goodluck :)
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oo mate, I'd read this book any day