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When we launch the wiki, add navigation sections to make it easier to find things.

Stuff like:

  • list of game modes
  • list of years
  • list of ranks
  • Forum Eras
  • Special:AllPages and Special:Random
  • A list of source material, most of it is pinned in the wiki discussion channel
  • A forum topic where people can contribute material, as the wiki will be locked for editing to prevent dutch people from defacing it

Formatting, Grammar and Syntax


This is a temporary guide for writing pages on the Wiki in order to maintain consistency in its early stages.

  • Clans, teams and other organisations are singular ("The Wilderness Guardians is", not "The Wilderness Guardians are", unless specifically reffering to the members of the clan).
  • Use the Oxford Comma (One, two, and three).
  • Use full dates written as 6 December 2003 wherever possible. Do not use "st/nd/rd/th", and avoid shortening the month unless space is limited.
  • The year can be omitted in article text proper, written as 6 December.
  • Only initialise WG in fight titles, e.g. WG vs Dead on Arrival. Exceptions can be made for fights better known by a different title such as X vs DS.
  • Do not use "The" in an article name unless inseparable, e.g. "The Sabres".
  • Use punctuation in article names, e.g. Washington, D.C. 2009 – 2010 (Real Life Meeting), not Washington DC 2009 – 2010 (Real Life Meeting).
  • Use singular titles, e.g. T-Shirt and Anniversary instead of T-Shirts and Anniversaries.
  • End all list items with a period/full stop.
  • Use British English.
  • Use while and among, not whilst and amongst.
  • Repeating internal links should be used once per level 2.
  • Italicise works such as videos e.g. The Wilderness – An Unauthorised Biography.
  • Use an en dash without spaces between single-unit numbers and terms, e.g. 2003–2019.
  • Use an en dash with spaces between multi-unit numbers and terms, e.g. December 2003 – July 2019.
  • Use one, two, three... nine in article text proper rather than 1, 2, 3... 9 (unless in exceptional circumstances).
  • Use "coins", e.g. 10,000,000 coins. Do not use "GP", "K" or "M".
  • See also: Wikipedia:Styletips.