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  1. Hey

    wats up homie
  2. I tried to do it the other day and got dropped on my head lol
  3. welcome to the boards man
  4. gratz bro. im thinking of doing b runs till i have full set of all gear idk though
  5. oh okay, thats how i did nmz/splashing and thanks for the two post count then
  6. bruh just teamview
  7. welcome to the boards. you took direction pretty well at the corp event. and technician as an auto?
  8. this was a few years ago. this is my 1997 eclipse gst. bigger turbo and ton of upgrades. also drive a 17 Mitsubishi lancer. wife drives a 15 mazda 3, pic was of my daughter when she was very young
  9. sweet bro is it a perm thing or still in school?
  10. gratz bro
  11. are you still in mass?
  12. didn't you stream?
  13. that is the cc we always use, after 48 hrs pm mojo da man 2003 or flux on discord to process the app. how did you hear about us though you didn't just wake up and say oh wilderness guardians that must be a runescape clan
  14. hey i remember a little bit about ya, why on a new account?
  15. Imo we don't need one, was just stating a difference I see. and I don't think dw did I believe we did though at one point