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  1. so far from what I have seen around 100b has been returned, that's just with a handful of accts
  2. jaredspurr

    looks like you may have rush this a bit, take a look at the accepted ones and edit it
  3. jaredspurr

    welcome to the boards, talked to you a bit in cc/discord
  4. jaredspurr

    gz on the loot keep killing it
  5. jaredspurr

    great app man, talked to you a bit yesterday on discord
  6. jaredspurr

    welcome bud talked to you a bit in cc on my pure
  7. jaredspurr

    welcome man remember fight tt back in the day
  8. jaredspurr

    welcome man, hope you weren't hit that hard with the storm
  9. jaredspurr

    hey talked to you before in cc, I would suggest not applying for member if you are staying f2p due to you won't be able to make events and wouldn't get full member. but for sure hang out in cc/disocrd
  10. jaredspurr

    id love to know how he got hacked, you almost have to give your info away at this point
  11. jaredspurr

    pretty poor effort, maybe read others that have been accepted and you can get better idea
  12. jaredspurr

    welcome to the boards seen you briefly in cc
  13. jaredspurr

  14. jaredspurr

    welcome not sure if that's a common name over there, but a feel like I know a few of miikkas
  15. jaredspurr

    brooooooooooooo wb missed you, I remember running hides for you back when osrs first came out lol