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  1. jaredspurr

    better to ahrims switch then void?
  2. jaredspurr

    gratz bro
  3. jaredspurr

    probably idk why they let a jr dev do the coding without checking it
  4. jaredspurr

    not sure i feel about it overall, think you really need to calm it down a bit
  5. jaredspurr

    welcome to the boards if you need anything just ask
  6. jaredspurr

    gratz why the v skirt though?
  7. jaredspurr

    11 ping 85 download 18 upload at work will see what it is at home
  8. jaredspurr

    welcome back, if you see yourself being inactive especially due to rl shit just post up a topic, most of us are old enough were we understand
  9. jaredspurr

    i loved houston lived out there with a friend i met on rs lol
  10. jaredspurr

    da fuck you cheated on me? ily boo
  11. jaredspurr

    welcome man i feel like ive seen your name must of been on that pk trip
  12. jaredspurr

    gratz bro
  13. jaredspurr

    I now have 1 d hide set with 1k drag javs and heavy ballista
  14. jaredspurr

    what clans were you in prior?
  15. jaredspurr

    nice ct kites grump, and i have 0 sets on main atm