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  1. lol
  2. lol that's what I was finding confusing lol
  3. what friend suggested it
  4. nooo trust me. that picture got a few people kicked/banned back in the day trust me also welcome back. only bad thing about not being a main is you are going to get pked by pures where we are not going to be able to help you
  5. welcome to the boards seen you in cc a good amount. how did you come across the fb group?
  6. why so many hell cats lol, and gratz pretty close to the drop rate lol
  7. ya im hoping first time is in the 11s with room to grow, my tuner has a compound turbo set up on his 2g eclipse, makes like 1000 hp i think not sure if thats crank or to the wheels. i wanna buy it off him so bad lol
  8. dam bro, jealous af
  9. those are only there as a suggestion due to it will be easier on you for events. but we have a lot of events that you will be fine in. welcome to the boards
  10. welcome to the boards, what if you pked with amenity why not join ct? was they something you didn't like about them?
  11. nice i run a turbo 2g eclipse. when i get it back on the road the fuel side of it will be able to support 700+ but will have to re do tranny/engine stuff hoping for like 400 without rebuilding tranny
  12. man i really liked your app, i remember poc's back on rsb. i liked you all the way up intill the go jags. #patsnation. welcome to the boards =)
  13. welcome, i remember fighting downfall a good amount of times
  14. welcome bro, if you need anything just let me know, would love to hear your ideas with cars. since i am a big car person myself
  15. very nice app, and clanning is a great way to pass time even if its just talking to people in cc/discord.