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  1. BootyBrothas

    Welcome Derek! Glad to see you picked a good place. Hope you can grow and learn with us
  2. BootyBrothas

    Welcome man!
  3. BootyBrothas

    Welcome man! Good work on that rc grind!
  4. BootyBrothas

    Great levels Dyna! Good luck with the app
  5. BootyBrothas

    Nice stats! Good luck and welcome
  6. BootyBrothas

    Welcome Tyler!
  7. BootyBrothas

    Great combat level! Welcome
  8. BootyBrothas

    Welcome and good luck!
  9. BootyBrothas

    Nice stats! Hope you’re able to add a bit more and become family
  10. BootyBrothas

  11. BootyBrothas

    Welcome! Glad to see you decided to join the best clan in the game
  12. BootyBrothas

    Very impressive levels! Glad you decided to join us
  13. BootyBrothas

    Good work lil Richy! Keep up the good work
  14. BootyBrothas

    Welcome! Contact a manager to get your application accepted
  15. BootyBrothas

    Welcome Ben! You’ll have a great time with us