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  1. Welcome Lad, glad you finally decided to apply and join in on the fun
  2. Yessss, Sick man, welcome back!! Glad you applied to join again
  3. Welcome man, glad to see you applied Hope your application goes well and if you need anything let me know. (Don't listen to anything You Received says, he's not too great himself :p)
  4. Hey Jumpstart, you'll probably need to put more effort into your app! Good luck though!
  5. Cacophobia

    [Declined] Voldy

    Good luck with the app Chris!
  6. Welcome Harry, good luck with the app!
  7. Welcome to Wilderness Guardians! Good luck with the app
  8. Says the Guy that hates Hydra but puts it as his favourite money maker
  9. Hmmm, my favourite are pking, killing revs (Skulled and non skulled) Vorkath, and just extras from slaying. Pking is definitely the funnest one but also the most versatile, you can have a really good, profitable trip from Ballista rushing as you can lose money by having wars where all loot is left on the floor as the goal is to win
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