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  1. TheSandFoxx

    Squid Billy1

    Welcome and good luck!
  2. TheSandFoxx

    Jay Qualen

    Welcome to our community! Good luck with your application!
  3. TheSandFoxx


    Welcome to our ommunity! I'm sure you'll find it more to your liking than those other clans
  4. TheSandFoxx


    Welcome to the forums! Like Gwap Gang stated, try beefin up your app a little more so we can know some more about you!
  5. Welcome! Good luck with your application!
  6. I know its not the first, but i think this is worth the post:
  7. TheSandFoxx

    Chaos Warp

    Hello and welcome to our community! Good luck with your application!
  8. Welcome and good luck with your application!
  9. You just beat me jensen272, gz! Following Batfire's lead, here's a drop that has been accounted for already:
  10. i run to the post office for 20 minutes and you blast that out?? GZ big boy
  11. my reign at the top didnt last long magic fang drop:
  12. posted to wrong place initially dragon med helm drop: also not sure what fastest time is yet but: 1:00kill time
  13. Welcome back! Good luck with this round of your application!
  14. Hello! Welcome to the community!
  15. Welcome! Good luck with your application!
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