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  1. TheSandFoxx


  2. TheSandFoxx

    WG Thunder

    Welcome! Good luck with the application and subsequent graduation processes!
  3. Welcome back! Good luck with the graduation process!
  4. Sweet, I play on Xbox, and my sn there is the same as here: TheSandFoxx
  5. TheSandFoxx


    Welcome back! Good luck on your application!
  6. Welcome! Apex Legends and OSRS are the reason I have a PS4 gaming backlog!
  7. Hello and welcome! As others have stated, you may want to flush out your application a bit more. Good luck!
  8. TheSandFoxx

    Lil Planee

    Welcome my dude, I hope you like our community and good luck on the application process!
  9. TheSandFoxx


    Welcome! Good luck with the application process!
  10. Welcome back and good luck!
  11. Welcome to the clan family!
  12. Welcome to our community and to the forums! Good luck with your app!
  13. Welcome! Good luck with the application process!
  14. Welcome! Good luck on your application and I hope you like our community!
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