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  1. Welcome and good luck good sir!
  2. TheSandFoxx


    Welcome! I also dislike granny smith apples, its red delicious or bust for me
  3. TheSandFoxx

    Q z e r

    Welcome and good luck! I suggest that you add more to this application to flush out the details.
  4. Welcome Back! And good luck with your application for this account! You seem like a great person
  5. I think that this is necessary for the continued growth of OSRS and I'm happy to see it coming.
  6. TheSandFoxx

    [Accepted] uNsuuu

    Welcome and good luck!
  7. TheSandFoxx

    [Accepted] Torm

    Welcome and good luck with your application!
  8. Welcome and good luck on your application!
  9. TheSandFoxx


    Welcome! You may want to beef up you app with some more info. Good luck!
  10. Welcome and good luck! Keep on keeping on with that level grind!
  11. Welcome! Good luck with your application.
  12. TheSandFoxx

    [Accepted] FloatD

    Welcome and good luck!
  13. Welcome! You may want to add some more information to your application. Good luck!
  14. Welcome! Good luck with kicking cancer's ass!!
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