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  1. TheSandFoxx

    Poor Joy

    Welcome and good luck!
  2. TheSandFoxx


    Welcome and good luck! I like your application. People in this clan are all very understanding of IRL commitments, especially if you communicate them, so you already have the right idea!
  3. Welcome! You may want to include more information in you application; good luck!
  4. TheSandFoxx


    Welcome and good luck!
  5. Welcome back and good luck
  6. Welcome and good luck my dude! Slayer is the best!
  7. Welcome and good luck!
  8. Welcome, and as everyone is saying, good job putting in the effort in the app There are always plenty of events to do, so if you are accepted, please check out the event calendar!
  9. TheSandFoxx


    Welcome and good luck with both your account build and your application!
  10. Welcome and good luck!
  11. TheSandFoxx

    [Accepted] ccnut

    Welcome and good luck with your application!
  12. TheSandFoxx


    Welcome and good luck, but I agree that you should probably add some more to your app.
  13. TheSandFoxx

    [Declined] T3SLA

    Welcome, and I love the screen name! Good luck with your application!
  14. Welcome! Good luck with your application; maybe you can teach me a thing or two about pking XD
  15. Welcome and good luck! And I agree with samanthhaa, you should probably add some more to your application by expanding upon some of your current answers.
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