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  1. Welcome to the family.
  2. Welcome hope to see you around.
  3. deplaine

    [Accepted] Dr Yes

    Welcome to the guild.
  4. Hey josh, and good luck.
  5. deplaine

    [Accepted] lvl 99 gay

    Welcome and nice total lvl.
  6. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. deplaine What is your current RS name? deplaine List any previous RS names: None What is your total level and combat level? Total level 1016 and combat level 98. Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started runescape in 2005 while I was in elementary school. I reached close to 120 before EOC and I played a little after that but, I did not like it. I quit playing after that. I recently came back and im enjoying OSRS again like the good old days. My favorite skill by far is woodcutting. My favorite bosses are Corporal Beast, Bandos and the mole. I use to camp hours at bandos. I also enjoy merching and just chilling on runescape. I’m hoping to make some gains on my account to get near the end game activitys again.I normally play around 4-5 hours a day because of work. My first goals are to try hit 1500 total and 100 Cb. I do play mobile and pc. I understand I am low level at the moment but I am willing to learn and I can level up again. Tell us about your clan history. I have not been in a clan since OSRS came back out and cannot remember my old clan. Tell us about your yourself. I am 25 years old and I live in the USA. I enjoy working on old cars and currently I’m working on two of them. I also enjoy skateboarding and the occasional drink. I currently work in a warehouse. I am a very laid back person. How did you hear about us? Qufo What makes you want to join us? I want to start bossing and tired of playing RuneScape alone and just want to chat while I play osrs. I also want to be part of a respectful clan. I noticed this clan seems like possibly a lot of adults or mature people and I want to be part of it. I also read this is the longest running clan on OSRS and who would not want to be part of that. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: None
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