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  1. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. coffee cI_l What is your current RS name? coffee cI_l List any previous RS names: cocoa cI_l What is your total level and combat level? My total level is 2032. combat level is 122 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I played rs3 and now osrs since -06, been a lot of fun and more good times to be had Tell us about your clan history. I've been in a bunch of Pvm and pvp clans, mostly pure/ rev Pvm protection clans. These were: #Critical Damage, I was in MOI for a while and now sometimes in Skulled revs pvm protection cc. Tell us about your yourself. I'm Dave (guy L0L), I live in the Netherlands, work at a brewery. My hobby is RuneScape, if I am not working I'm on the line. Pking has always been a lot of fun but I do enjoy doing other things How did you hear about us? Through a friend of mine on my friend list, (On f0e nem) What makes you want to join us? Seems like a pretty chill community, I do respect the discreteness about discussing pk related things in the cc. Very respectable Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Maybe if I am a bit to honest people tend to not like that. Honesty hurts. I was banned from a clan chat a while back for calling someone staking a staking addict. Hopefully this won't deter me from getting accepted.
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