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  1. Which military are you in?
  2. I normally do about 20% ea depending on if its a worth while split, if its less then a mil i try to do more than 20. As most of the money I make goes right into my magic/prayer level it's hard to do much more.
  3. scimmy397

    [Accepted] aPugnax

    Welcome, looks like youre about ready to start pvping
  4. scimmy397

    [Declined] Jukeeee

    Welcome and good luck!
  5. Welcome, you sure know your Lord of the Rings...
  6. Welcome and good luck, are you interested n Pking?
  7. So I made the right choice to go do a farm run today, bankers started yelling, and ended up taking 9m away and tripling my bank They seemed a little disappointed at the end They decided they would do it in a POH next time heh
  8. Might want to consider adding some more to your app. Anyways, good luck and welcome
  9. Welcome and good luck
  10. City Liv Spurs Man U 6 - Wolves hopefully
  11. Welcome. Good luck with the app
  12. scimmy397


    Not touching this skill with a 10 ft pole, grats, takes some dedication
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