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    sweetdremz What is your current RS name? sweetdremz List any previous RS names: have changed many times over the last 11 years cant remember them My stats: http://sigs.vksoft.eu/oldschool/blue/no/sweetdremz.png Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. you've spent 109 days, 4 hours, 44 minutes in this world since yoy arrived 4,210 days ago this sums up my 3rd acoount my 1st i forgot user and passwork my 2nd was hacked buy my ex my name sweetdremz came from a pking clan (pwn) i ran for about 4 years got up to over 100 members i quit rs when it updated to rs3 as it ruined my pure so i got def and just got over it when osrs came out i spammed it for about 6 months then had to quit dew to a job out at sea but have recently started farming and now have full time internet i love pvp but currently am doing slayer for coin have a lot of experience with gwd nex corp and most bosses before rs3 i just like the game no particular skills really slayer helps with mney tho Tell us about your clan history. PWN was my clan me my ex and 3 other irl friends ran it was a pvp/ rev rush clan we protected all those doing revs and killed any pkers made bank over the years Tell us about your yourself. martin, male, 29 no education left school to work and help my mother at 16 i play guitar go hunting fishing love cars currently have a 25det ford courier freek of nature behing a high power rifle am shooting 1500m to the size of a golf ball every shot with a 300winmag grew up on a farm hunting etc and have just started farming for my self and my family i get married on the 13 jan literly this saturday not much i dislike other than being pked buy scrubs when i dont have the stats to fight back lol How did you hear about us? google was looking for some wilderness help What makes you want to join us? would be nice to have some wilderness help and as i see you also do bosses so once my stats are up a little more would gladley do that to and its just nice to have a group when you play way better than solo if i join my partner proberly will to when she gets some more stats as she started just over a week ago first time rs player lol both her and i also play dota 2 and i am just under 4kmmr before the change in rank sistem Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: na man nothing im a genuine player who just wants to hang out and kill shit just like the rest of rs (other than skillers)