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  1. Hi all, I'm after a bit of help advice really... I've recently started OSRS after been on a break from 5 years. I'm totally new again to OSRS. I've always had a really strong history of pk'ing, mainly F2P... so I geared up and wondered around to try and find some people to learn the ropes again... to my amazement F2P is dead...nobody to really fight with deep level, everyone runs/baits/teles. After a while trawling through zybes and reading clan topics, I've come to the conclusion that F2P is basically dead (other than TR?), and everyone P2P pks now.. Now this is my problem, not much changes on F2P so i was OK.. but P2P is a whole different ball game.. In my time it was barrows/mystic/dhide.. dark bows/crossbow... sharks...super set...whip/d scimmy.. I see photos on Zybes and don't recognise half the loot or gear lol. What i'm asking for (other than help and guidance in understanding the new era of Pk'ing) is your gear set ups, pking bank set up, and a quick description what the hell anything 'New' is. I need to sort my bank out from scratch and was really hoping to learn from you all. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Jack. My current stats, where i'll stay untll i get my skills/quests up more
  2. JC_X Tell us about yourself. Hi all, My name is Jack, from the UK, and I'm 28 (old i know, but ive played RS since 2001 and kind of keep coming back). Over the years i've had multiple accounts, over classic, RS3 and OSRS. I mainly play OS at the moment as ive just come back from 5-6 year break and rs3 has changed so much i can't seem to get back into it. I used to love PVP and PVM ( but havent done either since my return) Really looking for a clan/community i can settle in to, attend events with, and have some fun. Clan history. over the past 17 years Ive been in too many to remember. Exer, Gladz, VR, DI, Corr...nothing in the past 6 years lol. How did you hear about us? zybez Do you plan to join? yes Any last comments? I am currently clueless with Clans, Alliances, Enemies etc etc. i have no interest in causing arguments, issues or any trouble of any kind. I'm sorry if my clanning history offends anyone. Thank you for taking the time to read my intro.