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Found 3 results

  1. Finally returning to the world of OSRS. Excited to see all the new PVM content. Looking for an active clan to be a part of. Lets get that kill count together! Also wanting to learn chambers of xericx and theatre of blood. Im a quick learner and major team player. Ive collected 10 pets, including Kree’Arra and Vorki. Would be my pleasure to join Wilderness Guardians. Clan history: none Avazandom, max combat, 99 slayer
  2. FatBatch Tell us about yourself. Hi my irl name is Rem. I'm 23, from wisconsin USA. Been playing runescape for the past 12 years. I'm big into pvp and group activities. Clan history. Never have really been apart of claning but looking to start with WG. How did you hear about us? Ran into some guys from WG in the wild pking and they told me to join. Do you plan to join? Yes I do and i hope i get accepted! Any last comments? I am an active osrs player and in my free time I like to get on and do pvp/staking.
  3. Hey what's up everyone, I'm Kiwi, a new applicant to the clan. In a nutshell, I'm a teacher, volleyball coach, and gamer. 25 years old from the magical world of Canada. I'm big into old school runescape and world of warcraft these days, so add me in game KiwiCDN12 or KiwiCDN#1691 on battle net. Looking forward to joining you guys n gals!
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