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  1. (fig. 1 above, an absolute unit) As some but not all of you know, I asked for @WG Toph's help to get my fire cape and zulrah kill for western elite diaries because my internet was shite, I trusted him, he offered and I was at the end of my fucking tether. Well, since then i've moved and my internet is a lot better here (from 1.5 mb/s to 40 mb/s). I decided I could no longer live with the shame of not having earned these things myself and gave it a good old go. Today I earned my first fire cape and it feels great. Got it on my first attempt in a year and a half. Yesterday, I also got my first zulrah kill. It wasn't clean, but I did that too. I feel i've grown a lot as a player in the last year and a half, and honestly the better ping doesn't hurt either. Bossing with the clan and doing (a lot) of demonic gorillas has definitely helped my confidence so I want to thank you all for the first, though i'd like to forget about the gorillas. For those interested, here is wave 63, can't decide if I tanked a range hit near the end there (2:35) or not, but I think I may have also been just a smidge lucky on this kill lmao. In conclusion, nobody can shame me about fire cape and zulrah anymore, even though none of you did though I well deserved it. Back to finish my gorilla task, I guess. I have received 2 monkey tails, 2 light frames, 3 heavy frames, 3 Ballista springs, 1 limb, 3 palm seed drops, 4 spirit seed drops and a hard clue, but no zenyte in a little over 1100 KC across 2 accounts. Please shoot me in the head.
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