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Since I'm cooking fried rice now for the third time this week, I was hoping people could share some recipes that you know, or maybe some that origanted from your country!

My input a Dutch "Oma cake"- Grandma cake

 items: cake tin, mixer, oven


200gram sugar

200gram flour

150 gram butter

vanilla essence/flavour

3-4 eggs

pinch of salt

tea spone baking powder

Optional: chocolate, lemon, nuts, anything really since the base is quiet standard!

1. Pre heat oven 170 degrees. Get your cake tin and butter it in and dust it with flour. Mix sugar, vanilla essence/flavour and room temperature (softer better,  not melted) in a bowl and mix till smooth. 
2. while mixing, add eggs, flour, salt, baking powder and optional ingredient and keep mixing till all is smooth.

3. pour mixture into cake tin and cook in oven at 160-170 for about 60 minuts. Poke it with a skewer/knife, if it comes out clean its ready. Losen the sides, flip it and LET IT REST for a good half hour (so it solidifies and you'll get a nice loaf). Eat! great with coffee/tea.


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I love cooking!


My latest fad is making vegetable soups. It's ridiculously simple, pretty much putting random vegetables and water in a pot and boiling it:


Another one of my favourites is egg fried rice. I've got a rice cooker, it's an underappreciated appliance in western kitchens. But it's so easy to make big batches of cheap food when you can just make a batch of rice and forget about it.

My favourite cooking YouTubers mostly deal with cooking techniques/info rather than very specific recipes:


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