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  1. We just Pked this rare pokemon and now recruited him! welcome man! An app manager will look at your post shortly, then if accepted you'll get the proper clan and discord invite always welcoming new pkers!
  2. A Mythrandir

    [Accepted] Sexc

    Welcome, good to see some more aussies in here! Just remember well that we are an honor clan! No buying acounts, no scripts, bots, no illegal staking or RWT.
  3. I easier stay awake later at night, than waking and being "present" in the morning. That said, it all comes down to rythms I guess, as well as whats going on. A fun wedding is a good excuse to see the sunrise!
  4. Welcome! Good to see more Oceania people joining
  5. Best targeted advertisement I've seen, and it worked! Welcome! You'll enjoy being part of a clan! We do plenty of Pvp, pvm, community events and more! Will your account be a main someday?
  6. Welcome ! Come Pvp Sometime
  7. huge achievement! congratulations!
  8. nice idea, varrock is a good choice, iconic location where all of us boys became, well, not man cause we died to the dar wizards!
  9. Great responses! Many Ive seen, many ive heard about but havent seen yet, and some unknown! Gives me plenty of idea's to download, thanks guys
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