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Music: Post Your Favorites!

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Hey guys! Like a lot of you, playing Runescape is my main hobby, but music is both my career, and my passion.

Through it my life has found the kind of joy and purpose I never would've thought I could feel, and I've bonded

and formed relationships with some of the greatest people I've had the pleasure of knowing.


If you're so inclined, drop the name of, or a link to your favorite song(s), album(s), or artist(s), and say what they

mean to you, or if you just outright enjoy how it sounds. I'd love to know what my clanmates listen to, to see what

we have in common, and hopefully be introduced to some new music myself!

My favorite song of all time is "Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of Your Fist" by Ramshackle Glory. It's a folk punk

tune written about the friends of the band's front man, one of who committed suicide. The message of the song to

never give up, and to keep pushing on through the hardships of life meant so much to me that I got a chest tattoo based

on it.

My favorite album of all time is Misser's "Every Day I Tell Myself I'm Going To Be A Better Person".

The main songwriter/backing vocalist/rhythm guitarist of the band, Tim Landers was formerly a member of the band Transit

until he did a lot of less than cool shit to his bandmates, and many of his friends. The record is about his journey to become

sober, and to stop being such a piece of shit to the people in his life. 


My favorite band of all time is Hammock. They're a post rock/ambient band based out of Nashville, TN who I discovered

during a very difficult period in my life where my anxiety and mental health issues kept me from being able to sleep at night.

Through listening to their music, which did wonders for my anxiety, I was able to eventually get back on a healthy, normal sleep


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