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Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi
« on: May 30, 2017, 09:24:16 pm »
ur a great dude, welcome

Introduce Yourself / Community Intro - De Ruyter
« on: May 30, 2017, 08:09:51 pm »


My RuneScape Name: De Ruyter

About Me: Hey guys, im Lionel.
I was a member of DG back in 2013 but i decided to continue as a pure when OSRS came. I have been pure clanning ever since but recently all the higher tier clans realised they screwed up and went back to using 88 combat max accounts so i turned my combat 107 "HPC" pure into a main and i have been mainscaping it up since, im currently looking for a community to chill in while i grind and such and you guys popped back into my head.

That is my old application, can no longer use that account though since i forgot the details.
You will be seeing me in the cc as "De Ruyter" and im currently 122 combat.

Clan history (if any): Wildguard ( dg back then ) was my first PvP based clan (hell yeah i just read my old intro and besides it being a bit cringe, the clan history is fake. bad 16 yo me..).
When osrs came i decided to pure scape it up and have been doing that for rougly 4 years now.

Some of my favorite clans were Leet tactics, Trauma, Slaughter, Invictus but theres plenty more. i Founded a clan called Synergy with some friends and we had solid action for a few weeks pulling 25 to 35.
Currently an applicant in Eruption of Pures on the new pure.

Where did you hear about us? Back in the day by watching keanu's videos hehe

Planning to join? Well, i dont intend on applying today but i love pvp and im looking for a main community to chill in so for today i just wana get to know the people here=p

Final comments (if any): Were not gonnaaa take it, noooooo we aint gonna take ittttt ;p

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