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Sport / Premier League Fixtures
« on: June 14, 2017, 11:22:55 am »
 ## ## ## ##


As a United fan was Very happy with ours!  (H)

Blogs / Slayer on 07 ;)
« on: June 08, 2017, 06:58:52 pm »
 ## ## Figured i need to get back into things, luckily came back on rs3 found my 4 rares worth 1.3b and each had trebled in price  :woeh: :woeh: So gonna smash out the levels so can get back into bossing etc as my rs3 acc is already good to go but 07 clearly no where near  :fp:

Luckily Icey offered to do some Afking for me till i get up to a standard where i can boss with him ##

Starting Cmb:79
Starting Att:70
Starting Str:60
Starting Def:62
Starting Hp:64
Starting Slayer:44
Starting Range:51
Starting Mage:55

Aim:110+ then i'll look for some more specific goals ##

Quests for RFD....

Will add some more shit on this as i go ##

Achievements / 99 Slayer
« on: May 14, 2015, 08:51:51 pm »
Finally decided after being less than 200k away for over a month to get it done! :P (H) ## ##

Blogs / Slay3r's Blog
« on: January 14, 2015, 02:19:47 pm »
So After reading Tom's blog the other day decided i should really start a list and keep a track of what i've done/planning on doing to keep me focused #NoXpWaste

So few level goals and alot of drop goals, Not expecting it to be anytime soon but progress is what im after  :P As Always if your planning on Bossing im usually up for going so feel free to msg me if im online  (H) I'll start to get aload of pics as and when im getting Drops/Levels too.

Current Goals:

Finish Corp Drops
99 Herb
99 Slayer
99 Range
99 Summoning
99 Farming
90 Dung
85 Mining
2300 Total Level
All Stats Above 75 (Div/Thief/Rc)

Latest Update:
Achieved 81 Craft, 88 Fletch, Achieved 95 Slayer!, 96-99 Sum, 97-99 Herb.

Shout outs:
Just few shout outs for those who help me mark somat off my list!

Fungi - Great Help with Slayer, Making me realise how good certain things are like spring cleaner, Masks etc.
Icey - Getting us our First Sigil drop! <3
Grip - Coming to Corp when no on else would  ## Resulting in 2 Sigils in 3 drops!
Kat - Always comes PVM with me  <3

Long Term Goals: - Some of these are quick but not focusing on them atm, will do little bits and bobs as and when.
2500 Total Level
99 Dung
99 Firemaking
99 Fletch
99 Craft
Corp Boss Pet
Kbd Boss Pet
Finish All Godwars Drops

Drops I need!/Have Got ##

The King Black Dragon
Dragonrider Boots
Dragonrider Gloves

The Kalphite Queen
Dragon Chainbody
Tormented Demons
Dragon Claw + Offhand Dragon Claw
Dragon Limbs
Ruined dragon armour slice
Ruined dragon armour lump
Ruined dragon armour shard

Steadfast Boots
Ragefire Boots
Glaiven Boots
Staff of Armadyl

Ascenscion Keystone Primus - Done
Ascenscion Keystone Secundus
Ascenscion Keystone Tertius - Done
Ascenscion Keystone Quartus - Done
Ascenscion Keystone Quintus - Done
Ascenscion Keystone Sextus - Done

Ascenscion Signet I
Ascenscion Signet II
Ascenscion Signet III
Ascenscion Signet IV
Ascenscion Signet V
Ascenscion Signet VI
Ascension Grips

The Corporeal Beast
Spectral Sigil - Done
Arcane Sigil
Elysian Sigil - Done with Icey  <3
Divine Sigil - Done
Holy Elixir - Done
The Queen Black Dragon
Dragon Kiteshield
Royal Torsion Spring - Done
Royal Sight
Royal Frame
Royal Bolt Stabiliser

The Kalphite King
Drygore Rapier
Drygore Longsword
Drygore Mace
Off-Hand Drygore Rapier
Off-Hand Drygore Longsword
Off-Hand Drygore Mace

Godsword Shard 1 - Done
Godsword Shard 2 - Done
Godsword Shard 3 - Done

Commander Zilyana
Saradomin Sword
Armadyl Crossbow
Saradomin Hilt - Done
Saradomin's murmur
Saradomin's hiss
Saradomin's whisper
Full Warpriest

General Graardor
Bandos Hilt - Done
Bandos Helmet - Done
Bandos Chestplate - Done
Bandos Tassets - Done
Bandos Boots - Done

Bandos Gloves
Bandos Warshield
Full Warpriest - Done

Armadyl Hilt
Armadyl Helmet - Done
Armadyl Chestplate - Done

Armadyl Chainskirt
Armadyl Boots - Done
Armadyl Gloves
Armadyl Buckler
Full Warpriest - DOne

K'ril Tsutsaroth
Zamorakian Spear
Zamorak Hilt
Hood of Subjugation
Garb of Subjugation
Gown of Subjugation
Boots of Subjugation
Gloves of Subjugation
Ward of Subjugation
Steam Battlestaff
Full Warpriest

Zaryte Bow
Virtus Wand
Virtus Book
Torva Full Helm
Torva Platebody
Torva Platelegs
Torva Boots
Torva Gloves
Pernix Cowl
Pernix Body
Pernix Chaps
Pernix Boots
Pernix Gloves
Virtus Mask
Virtus Robe Top
Virtus Robe Skirt
Virtus Boots
Virtus Gloves

Ahrim's Hood
Ahrim's Robe Top
Ahrim's Robe Skirt
Ahrim's Staff
Ahrim's Wand
Ahrim's Book of Magic
Dharok's Helm
Dharok's Platebody
Dharok's Platelegs
Dharok's Greataxe
Torag's Helm
Torag's Platebody
Torag's Platelegs
Torag's Hammer
Verac's Helm
Verac's Brassard
Verac's Plateskirt
Verac's Flail
Guthan's Helm
Guthan's Platebody
Guthan's Chainskirt
Guthan's Warspear
Karil's Coif
Karil's Top
Karil's Skirt
Karil's Crossbow
Karil's Pistol Crossbow
Karil's Off-Hand Pistol Crossbow
Akrisae's Hood
Akrisae's Robe Top
Akrisae's Robe Skirt
Akrisae's War Mace

Rise of the Six
Malevolent Kiteshield
Merciless Kiteshield
Vengeful Kiteshield
Celestial Dragon
Celestial Handwraps
Dragon Rider Body
Dragon Rider Cape
Dragon Rider Chaps
Dragon Rider Helm

Static Gloves
Pneumatic Gloves
Tracking Gloves
Chaos Dwarves/Dwogres
Dragon Pickaxe

Razorback Gauntlets
Kal'gerion Demons
Demon Slayer Boots
Demon Slayer Gloves
Demon Slayer Circlet
Demon Slayer Skirt
Demon Slayer Torso
Demon Slayer Crossbow & Off-Hand

Spider Leg Top
Spider Leg Middle
Spider Leg Bottom
Araxxi's Fang
Araxxi's Web
Araxxi's Eye
Araxxi's Pet
Mithril Dragons
Dragon Full Helm

Non-specific Drops
Dragon Spear - Done
Dragon Shield-Left
Dragon Helm
Dragon 2H
Dragon Platelegs - Done
Dragon Plateskirt
Draconic Visage - Done
Crystal Triskelion Fragment 1 - Done
Crystal Triskelion Fragment 2 - Done

Crystal Triskelion Fragment 3

Join the Clan / [color=Green][Accepted][/color] [SG] Slayer123121
« on: January 20, 2014, 10:24:03 am »


My RuneScape Name: Slayer123121
My Previous RSNs:
My Stats:

About my RuneScape Account and History: Started back when Rs2 came out not sure exact date but guessing around 2000? Loved the game spent endless hours on it.

My name is really just cos back then i was looking for something Pvp kinda name and being young went with slayer, the numbers i dunno they just kinda stuck lol.

Fav activitys in Rs are killing Drags, Doing Clues, Killing Boss's (Kalphite/Kbd/Godwars Etc) Pking (Was, aint done it since coming back few weeks ago) and always loved being a part of a clan where could do stuff together.

I've done loads back in the day from fire cape (when it was hard before brews and stuff!) and was part of the Wg biggest war etc was all a great part of Rs and what made it fun.

My past/current clans/teams are: Umm first clan i joined was WG, spent a good couple years as part of Wg loving the P2p aspect of our pking and the war's we'd have, as it encouraged me to build my combat levels and it was just great fun.

After around 2 years i started to crave pvp even more and left on good terms to join corruption (Went with few guys from here), however i didn't stay long maybe 5 months? they were good F2p but it was boring and not sociable like Wg.

I then went to RSD which was similar to Wg they were more socialable and did alot of p2p they were great, i stayed there then for around 18 months-2 years before i started to become inactive from losing love for the game as it slowly started to become boring as they were forever changing Rs not for the good of pker's. I spoke to James/Ice as i was a ranked member and explained i wasn't active enough and left.

After that i sorta played on and off for awhile until the wilderness was taken away in 06/07? That's when i gave up completely as the part of Rs i enjoyed went.

Currently in No Clan.

About me: Im Martin, im Male obvs and im 24. Im from Wales, which always starts debate lol, however both my parents are English so no Welsh blood in me :P

Hobbies are football/Skiing/Tennis love them all, the latter 2 i prefer to do than watch, however football im mad about and reguarly go to see my team (Man Utd) however i regulary watch them lose atm :D Also love spending time with my Gf Sophie but it leaves me plenty of time as she's currently in her final year of Uni to become a policewoman.

Music im quite weird with as i tend to like a little of everything, if i had to pick a few Bands /Artists i'd pick:

Linkin Park

Probs my favs ^^.

Talents, i like to think im pretty talented at footy/skiing, footy i had a trial at Cardiff when i was 17 however managed to Twist my knee in my clubs weekend match 4 days before it and missed it (Oh the joys). Skiing i've been invited to go to France to Teach, however my skills in learning languages are poor at best so im not too sure yet, guy who runs the resort gave me his number and said to let him know for the 2015 season, but i doubt i'll do it i just hate learning languages too much!

Umm Dislike Liverpool, can't stand veg!

That's pretty much me :/

I heard about SG through: I came back to the Wg forums.
I want to join because: Been a part of it before and it was great.

Regarding the IRC, I am: Not yet registered (But using SwiftKit)
Regarding TeamSpeak 3, I have: Installed

Regarding future events which may impact my activity: Nope. Few days here and there away on Business but no im here :)

Guest Lounge / Hey! Long time no see Guys!
« on: January 19, 2014, 05:24:57 pm »
Hiya Guy's not sure if any of you remember me from years ago, i've recognised a few names (Lordy/Karl/Dorcha) but haven't had a good look yet!

Been back for 2 weeks or so after stopping playing back in 06! So still getting to grips with things, how are you all? Really nice to see the clan still going and Lordy and the others still around. Was great fun to be a part of Wg back in the old days!


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