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Author Topic: PvP Terminology and Logistics  (Read 2032 times)

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PvP Terminology and Logistics
« on: March 08, 2015, 10:02:23 am »
This guide will serve as a resource to become more familiar with PvP'ing in Clan Wars. This will include popular phrases and techniques to be familiar with before entering into a war, as well with some of the popular landmarks callers will use to identify where a pile is. I probably missed some important information, so please feel free to PM me with additions / changes. If you have any questions, please contact either myself or another experienced fellow-guardian and we will be happy to help. (Props to Al, Tyler, and Monkeyy for helping me take pics and for helping add content) :)

Gear: Mojo has created an excellent guide for what to bring to wars. That guide can be found here: http://www.wildernessguardians.com/smf/index.php?topic=10393.0

Combat Triangle: (It is extremely important that you are able to understand this and quickly recall this knowledge if needed during a fight). Due to recent updates, the combat triangle is more important than ever. Unlike the old days when melee dominated fights, these three styles are fairly balanced.
Magic > Melee
Melee > Range
Range > Magic

Types of Wars Possible: There are two main types of fights that are fought in the Clan World in RS3 Legacy: Matched-opts and run-ins.

Matched-opts: Back in the old day, when hovering over a group of people you would see in the top left corner "View X Options." Each person represented 3 options (walk here, follow, attack). If a clan had 300 options, they had 100 people at the war. Matched-opts simply refers to having an equal amount of players for the battlefield. This is the most common fight that we engage in nowadays. If WG pulls 25 to our next war against KO Order, in which KO pulls 22 people, WG will be required to remove three players from the fight before the fight begins. This way, both clans will have 22 people total and will be matched. These are ALWAYS done in the Classic map of Clan Wars. Once a player dies in this war-type, they are not allowed to return to the fight. Thus, the clan with the last members standing wins. You will NOT lose your items upon death.

Run-in: A run-in is still in the Clan Wars arena but can be done in either the Classic or Turrets map. If the pull is lower (less than 15, we will usually use Classic) whereas with lower pulls (15+ people), we will use Turrets. With these fights, upon death, you can and must RETURN. Please see the "Return" section to learn more about returning. In a run-in the winner is decided by kill count. More often than not, the winner will be awarded to the first clan to attain 25 or 50 kills. In the odd case, we will sometimes put a time limit on the fight (usually 30 minutes) in which the clan with the most kills at the end of the time limit will be the winner. Once again here, you will NOT lose your items upon death.

Returning: As previously stated, it is extremely important to return during run-ins. By returning quickly, we will have more players in the arena, which will give us an advantage. Every second is important. Upon death, you will appear outside of the arena. Click the nearby portal to teleport back to Gamers Grotto. You then should go immediately to the bank and restock on supplies (pizza, swordfish, potions, arrows and runes if needed). Always make sure to have full food and re-pot upon returning. To learn more about potting and which potions you should be using, see the "Pot up" section later in this guide. When you are ready to return to the war again, you should enter the purple portal and click Fight. When returning to our main pile, make sure to never run through the opponents pile. The following picture is an example of a WG player running into an opponent's pile. Make sure to run around to the west or the east, instead of moving directly through the opposing pile.

Quick Prayers: Quick prayers are extremely useful in a fight. When being piled, you can simply click on the white prayer icon with the purple background attached to the mini-map and it will automatically put on prayers of your choice. You can set your click prayers by right clicking the prayer cross attached to the mini-map and selecting 'Select quick prayers.' You can then select the prayers you want to have as your quick prayers. This is where knowing the combat triangle is extremely important and depends on the armour you are using (melee, range, or mage). You want to make sure you are not exposing yourself too badly to one of the styles.

Auto-retaliate off: You will always want to have auto-retaliate off. If you accidentally have this on, your character will want to attack the other team when tanking, instead of running away. To turn off auto-retaliate in legacy, you can click on the double swords button at the bottom of your screen and turn off auto-retaliate from there.

Sounds on: Having sound effects on may be the most important factor to improving your tanking and overall awareness. Instead of constantly watching your hp to see if you are the next pile, you will be able to hear when a player attacks you, improving your reaction time. To turn on your sounds, go to the settings at the bottom, followed by clicking 'Audio Settings.' You can then adjust your sliders to match the following (make sure global mute is not checked):

Bonfires: With about ten minutes left until the fight, a caller will ask you to do your 'bonfires.' You will need to grab 5 yew logs and enter the red portal (6 if you are the one that has to start the bonfire). With your 5 yew logs in inventory, you can right click on an existing fire and select 'Use fire.' You will then be provided with two options and need to choose, 'Add to bonfire.' After all five logs have been done, you should be rewarded with the following dialogue from game:

Buffers: Whenever a caller asks you to buffer, they want you to use your 15% boost prayers. If you are melee'ing you should be using 'Ultimate Strength' and 'Incerdible Reflexes.' If you are ranging, you should be using 'Eagle Eye' and 'Overpowering Force.' If you are maging, you should be using 'Mystic Might' and 'Overcharge.' We will refer to a term called "KO Power," which is our ability to kill off opponents quickly. Using our buffers will drastically improve our KO Power, by making our attacks much more powerful, which will make it much more difficult for the opponent to tank. It is HIGHLY recommended to use your buffers until you reach about 190 prayer level, in which you will want to conserve the rest for tanking.

Clumping: Often times during a fight, you'll hear a caller say, "Clump up." The point of clumping up is to avoid standing out to the enemy. Clumping up involves staying as close to the pile as possible. There are multiple ways you can achieve this. First, you can look at your minimap for the blue dots and click to where the majority of the blue dots are located. Alternatively, you can right-click on the person we are piling and 'follow' them. This guarantees you to be as close to the pile as possible, but you run the risk of being hugged around a wall. By clumping, you are preventing the other clan from getting an easy transition, which allows you more time to get a decent tank off.

Get a click: Callers will say 'Get a click' right when we can see the other clan before the initial attack. If a caller states, 'Get your clicks on Mojo,' you should angle your camera to where your mouse is hovering over their entire fall-in and clan, right click, and find that player (in this case, Mojo). When the caller finally counts down and tells you to rush, you then left click attack and the fight begins.

Overhead: Overhead prayers refer to the three protect prayers that will appear over your head. These three prayers are 'Protect from Melee,' 'Protect from Magic,' and 'Protect from Missles.' When the caller tells you to keep overheads on rush or for the duration of the fight, they are simply requesting you keep your prefered protection prayer up. This is especially useful when their pile is nearby, as it saves you a click and a few precious seconds when your first get piled.

Pot up: This refers to drinking the potions you have brought with you for the fight. We will always pot up right before the initial rush attack. Nowadays, it is worth it to bring potions for each of the styles you use. You should always bring a defence potion, regardless of your style. In addition, if mage is one of your styles, bring a magic potion. If range is one of your styles, bring a range potion. If melee is one of your styles, you will bring a strength and attack potion. For example, for a mage/melee combo, you would need to bring attack, strength, defence, and magic potions to fights.

Portaling: Sometimes in matched opts fights, we will outpull our opponents in which we are forced to cut players. To give an example, let's say WG pulls 25 people to their next fight against KO Order, in which KO pulled 22 people. WG will be forced to cut 3 players to make the numbers even. The main caller will do the cutting and will ask for ONE player to 'portal.' When asked to portal, do NOT leave the portal immediately. You are supposed to hang out by the portal, but still inside the war. Once the rest of the clan travels to the center bounds and when you hear the caller ask the rest of the clan to 'pot up,' you will then leave the portal and watch the fight from the orb. We want to have a 'portal' to hedge against the possibility of a disconnect. Since in matched opts, when a player disconnects, they are instantly removed from the fight and we would be down one player from the beginning. In case somebody disconnects before the war starts, we can call up the 'portal' person in order to fill that person's place. It is rare the portal person is needed but has happened before. Example:

Prayer switching: Prayer switching comes into handy when tanking a pile. You will have your quick-set prayers (prot from melee, missles, or magic) most likely to whatever you prefer. However, there are several times when it will be in your benefit to switch prayers while tanking. If, for example, your quick-set prayers are set to missles but notice that their pile has zero rangers, it would be pointless to protect from missles. You would then switch your prayer to protect from melee or magic. Also, after being binded, you are likely to be rushed by multiple gravite 2h's. It is recommended to try and protect from melee in these situations until you recover from the bind. After regaining the ability to run, you can switch back to protection from missles or magic.

Style switching:  Style switching is relevant when attacking another player during a pile. It is extremely important, once again, to be aware of the combat triangle. It is also important to acknowledge the protection prayer being used by the tanker. When the opponent is bound AND is praying either protect from missles or protect from magic, it is recommended to switch to melee gear and hit the opponent with your g2h. If the tanker is experienced, they will probably switch their prayer to melee, in when you MUST switch back to your style (either range or mage). Unless you are specifically assigned to pure melee, please do NOT attack with your g2h if the tanker is protecting from melee. Also, ALWAYS DO DAMAGE! If our opponent is not bound and running around AND you are not close enough to melee them, do NOT be in melee gear. Switch to your style to make sure you are always doing damage.

Locations in Classic: Understanding locations given by callers is extremely important. The following is a list of some popular landmarks you may hear, along with screenshots for each location:

Sometimes, you may hear the caller say "East of skelly." The skelly they are referring to is the skeleton in the middle of the battlefield. "East of skelly" does not always mean exactly one step east but should mean close proximity to the east. Example:

You may also hear the caller say "Northeast by the banner." This banner is to the north of the northeast barricade and is shown in the following picture:

Kissing/touching the wall/barricade
"Kissing/touching  the wall/barricade" is also a popular calling phrase. This simply indicates that the player to be attacked is directly against the barricade and is shown in the following picture:

Solo Tree
There is a solo tree by the southeast barricade that can be used for a good location. In the following picture, you could hear "one step north of the tree" OR "kissing the barricade"

There are several rocks that can be used as calling locations, one in the east and a set to the west. The following pictures show these locations:

By the jail
The "jail" is wherever you watch the fight from after death and is on the eastern most part of the arena. A picture of the jail is shown in the following picture:

Locations in Turrets:

Inside the L:
There are multiple 'L' shaped barriers in Turrets map. When a caller states, ' inside the L,' the player is somewhere inside the 4x4 area where the L shaped barrier stands. The following picture is an example of a player being inside the L.

Tip of the L: When a caller states, 'at the tip of the L,' they are referring to a player at the corners of the barricades by an L barricade. The following picture shows two examples of what tip of the L looks like:

By / On the Turret: There are also multiple 'turrets' in Turrets map. This is a helpful landmark for callers as they can either state "east/west/north/south of the turret" or "on the turret." The following picture shows these two examples (left most person is west of the turret and right most person is on the turret).

Tanking: Tanking is by far the hardest part about RS3 Legacy Clan Wars fighting. If you successfully clump, have sounds on, have overheads on at the appropriate times, and are aware, it will make tanking so much easier. The goal is obviously to stay alive as long as possible, to give our clan an advantage. There is a specific order of things you should be doing when you notice you are being piled:

  • Turn on quick prayers as described in a previous section
  • Run - click on the mini-map as far away from their pile as possible
  • Put on tanking gear (your preference), but MAKE SURE to equip your shieldbow
  • Eat your food while continuing to run around the map

Specific Tanking Strategies in Classic:
You MUST tank within the boundaries in Classic. The following picture outlines in red where you are allowed to tank in Classic map.

NOTE: There are NO boundaries to the west and east, so that red box in the picture above can be extended to the lava and to the jail cell but NOT behind the jail cell.If you go into the trees (notice how they are not within the red markers), you will have done what is called a 'tree tank' and can cause us to forfeit the round, regardless of the severity. Please refrain from going out of bounds. The most popular method of tanking is to tank in a circle. If you start to tank to the northwest, once you reach the northwest barricade, you can proceed to go south behind the southwest barricade, and continue to drag the opponents all the way east to the southeast barricade, followed by going north to the northeast barricade, and back to the west to reach the northwest barricade.

Specific Tanking Strategies in Turrets:
The most important thing to realize in Turrets is which direction to tank. You will hear the caller state 'Tank toward our portal.' If we start the fight from the north, our portal (where you will return from) will be along the northern most wall. If we start the fight from the south, our portal will be along the southern most wall. If we are able to keep the fight close to our portal (to the north or south depending on where our portal is), it is much quicker for us to return and takes a significant amount of time for opponents to return, giving us a huge advantage in our piles. However, do not LITERALLY run to our portal, otherwise we run the risk of the other clan camping our portal and attacking clan members as soon as they enter the portal.

If we start the fight from the north, tank to the northeast most wall (north before east if you have to choose) as shown in the following picture:

If we start the fight from the south, tank to the southwest most wall (south before west if you have to choose) as shown in the following picture:
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Re: PvP Terminology and Logistics
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Re: PvP Terminology and Logistics
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Sick guide dude. Really informative and useful for people with less PVP experience in the current game, such as myself!

Thank you for your efforts!

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Re: PvP Terminology and Logistics
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Nice guide ! really helpful for new members / members with less experience

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Re: PvP Terminology and Logistics
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Neat and easy to understands, thanks for this!

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Re: PvP Terminology and Logistics
« Reply #5 on: March 08, 2015, 01:27:39 pm »
Good job. Possible extensions: turrets, (reasons why we have a portal, pot up etc) is all I can think of at the moment, will try later.
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Re: PvP Terminology and Logistics
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Good job mate. What rank is it your looking for? Lol

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Re: PvP Terminology and Logistics
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Another quality x unit topic. Gj my friend


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Re: PvP Terminology and Logistics
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Thats realy fucking great! Good job/work dev!
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Re: PvP Terminology and Logistics
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Nice guide.

Let's hope the people that need it most actually see it!

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Re: PvP Terminology and Logistics
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 :woeh: wall of text, I just hit my keyboard with my forehead and I tank nicely sometimes  :woeh:
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Re: PvP Terminology and Logistics
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very informative and easily understood


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