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  1. You lied to me. You said you didn't have max theiving. (You were also in favor of nerfing ardy knights btw)


    Forgot to say grats, sorry eh. 

  2. Update time;

    Initial Post Stats -----------------------Update #1-------------------------- Update #2--------------------------------------Update #3

    73/ 85 Attack---------------------------- 83/85-------------------------------- 86/85! COMPLETE Now 86/90--------- 90/90 attack now 90/98

    75/85 Str----------------------------------81/85-------------------------------- 87/85! COMPLETE Now 87/90---------98/90 str

    71/ whatever def----------------------- 74/D-------------------------------- 78/D  Now 78/90-----------------------------83/90 

    46/whatever prayer--------------------56/P----------------------------------61/P Now 61/70-----------------------------70/70 now 77

    78/99 range------------------------------89/99------------------------------98/99! COMPLETE -------------------------- 98/98 COMPLETE

    64/85 mage -----------------------------85/85! Now 85/93!-------------94/93! COMPLETE Now 94/97---------- 95/97 MEH


    DT DONE! 



    Account is really starting to come together. Going to try and

    1) unlock piety. 

    2) keep training combat and prayer 

    3) would love to unlock augry and rigour. We shall see. 

  3. 19 minutes ago, WG Toph said:

    I think id rather put anal beads in my asshole, then bring them out through my dick than train runecrafting to 99.. but gratz



  4. Hey Imi, can you foresee the scrolls going up in value with the introduction of blood theatre? Or down? I will need both for pking and trying to plan my budget