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  1. 99 cooking in game and out huh. Welcome to the forums!
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  3. Welcome to our forums!
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  7. Welcome, I'd like some advice on how to mange to live this long
  8. There's always something wrong with the finals but I feel like this one was particularly messed up. Having 3 players dc out of the 4 finalists is very sketchy and I doubt Jagex will do anything about it. Also mod Jed, who's known to be a rot member, disqualified an entire island that lit members took control of by instakilling everybody. It seems like the stars aligned. The whole thing is fairly odd
  9. This is absurd, a man shouldn't be jailed for 6 years for a comment made on a video game. Checking out if he's a danger is reasonable but purposely trying to find something to jail him for is beyond unreasonable.
  10. Welcome and good luck on your goals!
  11. Welcome to the forums
  12. Grats! Keep pushing for 1500 now
  13. Zamolxez What is your current RS name? Zamolxez List any previous RS names: Zizo Zozo long ago on rs2 My stats: Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I've started playing about 10 years ago as a kid. Played for a few years before getting bored of where the game was going. Got back into osrs about a year ago. My name is the name of the Dacian god which my dad and I used to use a while back on some other game.I got accustomed to it and it stuck. At this moment, I enjoy afk splashing up to 94 magic to get barrage. I have never been a p2p in rs2 and therefore in osrs I turned my account from pure to zerk to main to open up all possibilities and explore what I missed out on in the past. I used to pk exclusively in rs2 for about a year or so. I was a rune pure with a gravite 2h at about 70-75 combat. Used to be pretty well ranked in the rogue pker leader boards (top 500 or something I think) before they took f2p players off them. I play mostly for pking. Bossing and stuff will be enjoyable for a while, but I'm all about pking in the long run. Tell us about your clan history. Used to be in some big f2p pking clan back in the day. Forgot its name Tell us about your yourself. I'm Razvan, male name if unclear. I'm 20 and I'm studying software engineering in Montreal, Canada. I was born in Romania but moved to Montreal when I was 6. I currently speak 4 languages and seek to learn more. I listen to everything and anything as long as it sounds good but I prefer late 90's and early 2000's music from multiple genres. I am particularly skilled at finding reasons not to go to class. I used to be able to solve a rubick's cube consistently under a minute. My biggest hobby is Dota 2 which I have played for a little more than 4 years, accumulating about 3700 hours according to steam. Some of those hours were idle in main menu but still. I am currently somewhere in the top 2-3% of players skill wise and I captain and play in rd2l (reddit dota 2 league) in the EST-Sunday division. Otherwise, I work out every now and then, I run outside, I do daily push-ups, I go out with friends. How did you hear about us? Got pked while doing a wildy task by annakarl and some member told me to google and join. What makes you want to join us? Playing the game by yourself can get very boring. Having a clan to chat with and to go out on either boss or pking trips makes things much more interesting. Also, as I've said, I got pked by you guys and am looking forward to do the same to others in company of a team. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I lured some kid in f2p back when I was about 13. Got a rune scim out of it, but I doubt anybody reading this particularly cares. Clean otherwise.