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  1. Welcome Rosie!
  2. Welcome man, I'm heavily into EDM as well, it's definitely music
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  4. Welcome! I can relate to the very blunt part more than I'd like to
  5. 99 cooking in game and out huh. Welcome to the forums!
  6. Welcome!
  7. Welcome to our forums!
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  9. Welcome to the forums!
  10. Welcome!
  11. Welcome, I'd like some advice on how to mange to live this long
  12. There's always something wrong with the finals but I feel like this one was particularly messed up. Having 3 players dc out of the 4 finalists is very sketchy and I doubt Jagex will do anything about it. Also mod Jed, who's known to be a rot member, disqualified an entire island that lit members took control of by instakilling everybody. It seems like the stars aligned. The whole thing is fairly odd
  13. This is absurd, a man shouldn't be jailed for 6 years for a comment made on a video game. Checking out if he's a danger is reasonable but purposely trying to find something to jail him for is beyond unreasonable.
  14. Welcome and good luck on your goals!
  15. Welcome to the forums