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  1. this friggen guy I don't know who he thinks he is but hes a huge nerd face rs3 is better welcome back reeeeeeeeee
  2. Ask and you shall receive, give me a little time. I gotta make sure its super top-tier cringe just for mojo.
  3. What are some of your goals currently in osrs? What have you enjoyed so far, have you had any cool drop? Adding information like this under the Runescape account and History section can add a lot to your application and increases your chance of being accepted. You don't have to add things like your age or location obviously, these things are sensitive. But maybe if you've got an interest is other games, maybe you play a sport. Maybe you like a certain tv show or anime, let us get to know you a bit in your application! Good luck with joining, saw you in the CC today and you seem like a nice person!
  4. Unfortunately I wasn't high or drunk. This is just my normal, "Normal", state.
  5. Following the events in Aaight x Wg Gore Def xxx (1) ... "Je kwam zo snel!" Wg Gore Def lacht terwijl hij een handdoek grijpt om een paar dikke serum 207 van zijn gezicht te vegen. "Het komt alleen omdat je me de laatste tijd plaagt!" zegt Aaight, trekt zijn Primordial Boots uit en rolt zijn stomache op. "Neem me nu Wg Gore Def!" Roept Aaight. Wg Gore Def komt plotseling Aaight binnen met zijn Armadyl Godsword! Aaight kreunt: "Ja, gewoon zo, laat me Taste Vengeance me vullen met je Serum 207!" WG Gore Def kon het niet langer volhouden ! * Urggh * Wg Gore Def vult Aaight en laat het bedekt met serum 207.
  6. But you're the one who asked me to write it... :^)
  7. Boven in de Blue Moon Inn ... "Ik denk niet dat ik hier klaar voor ben." Aaight fluisterde tegen Wg Gore Def. "Maak je geen zorgen, wees voorzichtig met jou, ik weet dat het je eerste keer is" zei Wg Gore Def tegen Aaight terwijl hij hem stevig omhelsde. WG Gore Def begon langzaam Aaights Bandos Chestplate te verwijderen terwijl hij zijn lichaam bewonderde. "Je bent zo schattig als je nerveus bent". WG Gore Def mompelt in een luisterend oor. Wg Gore Def begint met het verwijderen van Aaights Bandos Tassets om zijn zachte maar stevige Saradomin Godsword te onthullen. Aaight, blozend onbeheersbaar, lacht en vertelt Wg Gore Def "Ik ben blij dat mijn eerste keer bij jou is". Wg Gore Def lacht terug en begint Aaights Saradomin's zwaard te wrijven, en plotseling transformeert het in een stevig en machtig Saradomin Godsword! Uit het niets roept Aaight "Taste Veangeance!" en plotseling barst zijn Saradomins Godsword en bedekt het gezicht van Wg Gore Def met Serum 207!
  8. My earliest memory was when my sister introduced me to runescape, made me follow her from lumbridge all the way to the barbarian village and then gave me a set of steel armor I couldn't use, but I was so happy I got some "cool gear!". If I remember right I died to the barbarians for it not long after... I also begged a man to give me some food because I was low health, and he gave me a noted lobster. I was like 9 years old and didn't know how banknotes worked and told him it wasn't food, dropped it and ran away. Good times...
  9. I'd recommend turning off your run when fighting vorkath and focus more on the mechanics of the fight rather than trying to kill him asap. Don't forget to bring ~ 5-10 casts of crumble undead as well. DoN't PaNiC Don't forget about the final fight, Galvek, either. I'd argue hes much harder than vorkath.
  10. Tonight Killajokas account was compromised and he lost around 65m, this is a good time to remind everyone to make sure your runescape accounts, and other accounts for that matter, security is up to date. Remember to change your password every few weeks, using a password management program like LastPass can help you with keeping track of changes to your passwords and can even generate random passwords for you. Make sure you have an authenticator on your runescape account, as well as 2-step verification on your email account (don't use SMS 2-step, make sure its an actual authenticator, its very easy to spoof phone numbers or to get a phone company to swap over your number to a new sim card) Using an email that isn't connected to any other accounts other than your runescape account can increase your overall security, as you won't risk a database leaks from other websites. If you use social media (Twitter, Facebook, Grinder, so on) be careful about giving out "useless" pieces of information like a street address growing up, internet service provider, cell service provider, so on. This type of information can be used to attempt you recover your runescape account through Jagex's terrible recovery system. Be wary when downloading certain content from the internet, even if it seems useful. Just a couple years back many people ended up downloading a RAT from a jad simulator and lost their accounts due to this. Make sure you know who you're talking to on discord, in the past in WG we've had issues where people were trying to impersonate higher ranking members in the clan like Mojo on discord and asking people to go to suspicious links and enter their info on a "runescape website" Remember, no matter who it is, tell em to get stuffed if they ask for your information. Be careful when joining unknown Teamspeak or Ventrillo (Ancient tech, I know!) servers as there are a few malicious practices like having a message pop up asking you to upgrade your teamspeak, and linking you to a shady website where you can download said "update". As a reminder old school runescape DOES NOT a double exp weekend, you may see multiple twitch streams advertising things like double exp weekends for osrs, or that a large streamer like woox or B0aty are quitting, these are also scams. There are also many facebook posts about double exp and osrs mobile being released, these are also phishing links and should be reported/blocked/avoided at any cost. No matter how close you are with someone don't give out your information, if you end up have a falling out the information you may have shared with them (passwords, bank pins, so on) could be used to later recover your account. Don't buy accounts or use accounts that your friends give you, if the original owner of these accounts wants to start playing again they can just recover their account and you've basically just played the game for them and there isn't a thing you can do, and no... Jagex doesn't care. Many players have dabbled with private servers in the past, make sure that you don't accidentally use any information that you used on these servers for obvious reasons. Make sure your passwords are hard to guess but easy to remember, also try to make sure your passwords are unique to eachother, and again... make sure to change these passwords every few weeks to every few months. Here is a link on how to set up a non-sms authenticator for a gmail account. Here is a reddit post that outlines more steps that you can take outside runescape, mainly focused around emails and lastpass, to step up your account security.
  11. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Spedaval What is your current RS name? Spedaval List any previous RS names: Mi_Spedaval What is your total level and combat level? Total level is 1691 Combat level is 107 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Started playing a few years back, decided to give eoc a go but wasn't ready to restart completely on osrs, but eventually swapped over from rs3. A few months back I tried to quit runescape, left the clan, dropped my bank and then came back after about 5 days and started an ironman, and ended up coming back to this account after about 3 weeks. Lmfao. Tell us about your clan history. Was in the elves of seren on rs3, wasn't too active there. Previously I was in WG. Tell us about your yourself. You can call me Josh, or sped. Whatever you prefer. I enjoy music and videogames. Runescape is my main game, I occasionally play games like path of exile, world of warcraft and guildwars 1/2. How did you hear about us? Watched some youtube videos from a few years back. What makes you want to join us? Please take me back baby ill never leave you again, I'm tired of being a lowely unranked. I want my bananas back! Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I like pineapple on pizza and I watch anime. **Edit** I was going to link to my previous application so you could read that as well, but not that I've made this application I can't find my old one. Rip old app. ***Edit*** Found it!
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