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  1. Ssnatch It

    Damn these names really bring back memories, runescape community forums for days
  2. Ssnatch It

    The legend! WG being one of the true old 07 clans is the reason I joined. It wouldn't be that without you. Welcome back to runescape.
  3. Ssnatch It

    what the...
  4. Ssnatch It


    Very, very cool. Hope the clan continues to grow
  5. Ssnatch It

    Awesome set up
  6. Ssnatch It

    What I did was cancel the preorder through your profile on the App Store, then go back to the app and you should be able to download. Some people on reddit said you may need to restart phone ( I did not) Also gotta love jagex embracing the memes... w i n t e r 2 0 1 7 on a cruise right now and hoping to get some scaping laying out by the pool, hopefully the WiFi will hold up
  7. Ssnatch It

    Welcome back!!
  8. Ssnatch It

    Gratz man. Ive only done Zulrah once for diary but I just kept teleing out until I got the easy rotation and did mage only no switches XD
  9. Ssnatch It

    Pretty disappointed, when you originally posted this I advised you in the CC that application managers would not look fondly over such a low effort. If you can find the time to chat in CC and respond to these posts, I am not sure why you decide not to take the 5 minutes to review an accepted application and add a few details for your own.
  10. Ssnatch It

    Clicking around through some of the guides, the formatting looks a little off as of now. I'm sure this will change over time tho. Really glad they decided to make the move, the ads on wikia were complete cancer
  11. Ssnatch It

    Was pretty excited about getting a music cape the other day, and since I was going to be smithing for a while I put an outfit together to match. Post your own favorite fashionscape/skilling outfits.
  12. Ssnatch It

    Welcome to the forums man, always great to have someone with a long history in the OS clan community.
  13. Ssnatch It


    Salve (ei) is absolutely necessary for vorkath I agree on turning run energy off for vorkath Bring a stamina for the fight during Galvek, when I was doing the quest I didnt notice many guides suggesting it, and it really helps to sip a stam before his Wave phase
  14. Ssnatch It