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  1. Thanks everyone I hope to keep going strong
  2. Now that my second month has passed I’ve decided to post my progress once again, maybe I’ll make a thing of it. Anyway after much grinding even among my reduced screen time in the last 2 weeks here it is my hard earned progress. shoutouts to winstanley and wtfook for helping me out a bit this month and anyone else my possibly ungrateful self may have overlooked p.s. The total lvl 1000 is just a happy coincidence
  3. Welcome I’m relatively new too but there are enough events too pass without pvping hell some events are just giving away free stuff lol. community is also great you’ll receive tons of help from everyone.
  4. Not really I’ve done most ftp quests and a few member most of my att and str are quest but that’s it
  5. Well after 1 month back to osrs with thanks to mobile this is what I have accomplished. shoutouts to mask iown lohow and anyone else who’s helped me along the way special thanks to luk1n and kanstil for helping guard me/keep me company on wildy slayer tasks
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