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  1. Fuck... I think flux may have just won it lol, I got nothing (the only thing that keeps coming to mind is "A Fart"
  2. Far
  3. Cart
  4. Bring it !
  5. Was a fun little bandos trip even if we got fucked on loot. Welcome to the site mate
  6. Already made the new CTLG, gl mate :3
  7. Yeah as someone who kills alot of revs I can say this change is fucking amazing, it easily adds 10-20 rev kills per hour due to time saved picking up that shit
  8. Rules of C1L game is as follows(special thanks to Zecchini who helped during the rules' formulation | Originally posted by Valdremia):The object is to change one letter ONLY, and make a new word. You can drop a letter, add a letter or change a letter, but only change one thing. You have to keep it going until no one can make another word. You CANNOT play off of your own word. NO PROPER NOUNS, NO ABBREVIATIONS AND NO ACRONYMS ALLOWED! Each word played must be found in one of the 4 ENGLISH LANGUAGE dictionaries listed here.When no one can make another word. That's the end of the game. The last successful person is the winner.Example:player 1-darkplayer 2-dartplayer 3-tart(I) Game starts:all winners of previous round will post 4-letter words for the next new round to start.(II) Winner:The winner of the game will be concluded only when the game ends for the week, i.e. as per clan time's end of each Sunday. If the game proceeds to have a conclusion nearing or after its prevailing week and trickles over to next week, a minimum of 48 hours* from last posted word left uncontended to be declared the winner. This is also to give others who might not be on forum daily, a chance to play or counter as well.*Pertaining to last contended word under normal circumstances where there is none dispute or arrears to the word played or played on. However, when the word played and/or those played after it are questionable, disputed and/or requires validation, 48hours starts from the time/date it is validated. This is to ensure that players have ample time to contest the word and would not have lost of opportunities since they been pre-led to play off the invalid word.(III) WORDS PLAYING OFF ITSELF and REPEATS(1) You can't repeat a word that was previously used. Ex: word words word wouldn't work. (2) You cannot play a word directly off its previous** under the following conditions: - Changing of tenses (past to present vice versa): e.g. Sit > Sat, Lend > Lent, Baffle > Baffled, Know > Known. - Changing of plurals versus singular: e.g. Play > Plays, Gasps > Gasp. - Use of adjectives: e.g. Large > Larger, Trick > Tricky, Sex > Sexy. - Change of spelling same word: e.g. Carat > Karat. - Cases of words obviously playing off itself under the same genre of meaning: e.g. Muffled > Muffler > Muffle, Battled > Battles > Battler > Battle**Note: under certain circumstances where words are played off directly but does not fall under the above conditions such as for e.g. Crate > Crater, Read > Ready (clearly different meanings/words), it is acceptable. If there are disputes please raise concerns with valid reasons. I will do my best to assess it.(3) No professional-related words that does not exists in the English dictionaries stipulated in the game links.(IV) Dictionaries4 Dictionaries STRICTLY to refer to are:CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY ONLINECONCISED OXFORDMERRIAM-WEBSTER (assoc. Encyclopædia Britannica)AMERICAN-HERITAGE I won the last one so I need to pick the new word :3 Starting Word : Ram
  9. Dont Worry lol, right after typing it I was like fucking shit I hope nobody counters this because I've got nothing
  10. "(2) You cannot play a word directly off its previous** under the following conditions:- Changing of tenses (past to present vice versa): e.g. Sit > Sat, Lend > Lent, Baffle > Baffled, Know > Known.- Changing of plurals versus singular: e.g. Play > Plays, Gasps > Gasp." Current word still : Scroll
  11. Still two letters lol... Current word : Told
  12. Thats 2 letters changed mate, can only change one. Current Word : Told