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  1. Roll was the original word, Current word is still Troll
  2. I actually think my funniest memory so far from the clan was watching mojo jump that gap and fight a elder mauler with a salamander.
  3. They just dont understand that there is a middle ground, they can adjust a little... like jesus i killed 8 dark beasts and 4 orks today.. got 50k worth of shit.. like I actually think the original revs were better.
  4. Flux is correct, current word is still "Condign" whatever the fuck that is lol
  5. The price of the rev cave teleport just skyrocketed lol i knew i shoulda kept em
  6. Gratz! now you can play the game.
  7. The new revs are so fucking busted lol
  8. Just a headsup (and full disclosure i am flipping snakeskins atm) makign snakeskins shields gives 100 exp per shield, crafts at about the same speed as molten glass, and you actually make a profit selling it back on the ge because of its alch value. Even if every current mat of the snakeskin shield doubled in price you would still spend less gold per exp then molten glass.
  9. how the fuck is that actually a word lol I had to google that to find out wtf it was. That being said I have nothing to counter it
  10. Coin
  11. Meanwhile im at 12 tasks now without a superior
  12. These two are invalid because kn0t did not follow the previous word, current word still : Cowl by High Lvl