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  1. WG Toph

    Lmfao, it took me longer to read it then it took him to write it
  2. WG Toph

    Oh fuck your right... shit i may have to start downloading them instead of just linking lol
  3. WG Toph

    Meh thats fair... is the 2nd one SFW in your opinion? No genitals shown but the guy is technically nude
  4. I decided I have a ton of these I wan't to drop here so this is the official thread now. NO CONTEXT ALLOWED, random shit only!!! http://i.4cdn.org/b/1522796236561.webm
  5. WG Toph

    Passing a Patch of peppers unpicked leaves ones soul without bacon
  6. WG Toph

    4 minutes, its worth it
  7. WG Toph

    Whale Cum to the group
  8. WG Toph

    Bout time you joined cuck, welcome to the team :3
  9. WG Toph

    Aaight, make him pay you in pineapples to get it back
  10. WG Toph

    I found out today that tinnitus (ringing of the ears) persists through lsd.. and is in fact made MUCH louder from it
  11. WG Toph

    I'd like to see a voice channel added specifically for pvp events, it can be annoying at times when you are doing a normal event and 5+ people pop in and go "so are you guys pking?" this could clear up that confusion.
  12. WG Toph

    It seems they really aren't budging on the "no swapping" I really am debating on making a throwaway account but at this point I'm not sure its worth it.
  13. WG Toph

    Nice Halloween theme
  14. WG Toph

    It is mandatory to call him a bitch every time you pass him in the house