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  1. I've come back.
  2. *shrugs* Pker anatomy
  3. Man that Halo 3 was some sick fucking shit, dude! Props! Halo 5 looks nice. I'm a Halo 3 Field Major.
  4. I cant seem to delete this post.. so uh.. I'm just going to remind the next person. THE CURRENT WORD IS: scroll
  5. Caucasian Polish American
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. I skateboard. Parties don't mean much to me anymore. After they ended I ended up a jailhouse champion and just never looked back. Girls, girls, girls. But what I'm getting at is I don't have an interest in bands. I'll just play a harmonica once in a while. I also became a swordsman. Because hand-to-hand is to easy.
  8. So... you're calling me expendable.I LIKE IT!!
  9. I'm the Anaconda Hognose Snake.

  10. Thanks, Flux. Hi, Claws.
  11. I got Number of The Beast, The Essential Iron Maiden, Brave New World, The Final Frontier, Edward the Great, Iron Maiden, A Matter of Life and Death. I would like the CD with Sun and Steel on it. Lost my Live after Death hoody to some girl at the skatepark.... but my T-Shirts always stand strong.
  12. welcome!
  13. Goodluck to yuh
  14. Welcome back! Goodluck!
  15. Goodluck!