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  1. Eh gotta give em credit tho for keeping it this long, it def probably cost them more money to keep it running then they recieved from it.
  2. Well if they would just release a halfway decent client they wouldn't have to worry about some guy manipulating there code lol.
  3. Ya that's one issue is internet service but nothing jagex can really do about that. They need to display name's above ppls heads too or pking on mobile is gonna be near impossible, specially multi. Not to mention there's no way to figure out someone's stats before you fight lol.
  4. So many ppl will just quit if they banned 3rd party.
  5. Gzzzz, ya the mobile is a serious battery killer tho lol
  6. Ya, iv been thinking about doing blast furnace and barrows but havent gotten around to it yet. Did a corp event too that went real smooth. @Lait Choco I haven't really encountered any issues yet, granted i don't have much time to try it with my new job. @Mojo Im playing on a Samsung Galaxy S7, I'm gonna try it on my tablet soon as well I think.
  7. Welcome back!
  8. Welcome brotha!
  9. I'm sure as most of you are aware I, as well as a few other Guardians were picked for the OSRS android beta testing. I'm going to continually update this post with various mobile achievements to showcase what can be done on mobile. I'm open to trying anything out for anyone to let them know how it is on mobile (even runecrafting, even though i have never crafted a rune in my life lol). My first goals are a f2p pk kill, which I have accomplished, and to do an entire Corp event on mobile. Ill make sure to post pics and please give me some suggestions on what to try and if you have any feedback to improve mobile let me know and ill post is on the rs forums. Now for some pictures The email that almost made me crap my pants OSRS on the Play Store OSRS on app on the mobile phone. And last but certainly not least, my first mobile pk!!!
  10. As soon as I was picked for mobile, I knew my nmz grind was about to get real lol
  11. Damn, hella loot.
  12. Welcome! If you like to PvM there's def alot of event's. Your always welcome to come PvP as well 😀
  13. Looks like me you and @Queen Cerseiare in.
  14. I thought that shit was deleted a looooonnng time ago lol
  15. Love to golf but pretty hard to get the time and money together to do it out here.